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GPA Information

Your HOPE Lottery Scholarship GPA may be different from your APSU GPA. Your HOPE Lottery Scholarship GPA will include ALL courses, including developmental and repeated courses, even though they are not counted in your APSU GPA. If you took college-level courses while still in high school, these grades are counted in your APSU GPA, but will not count in your HOPE Lottery Scholarship GPA or HOPE Lottery Scholarship attempted hours.

Any course that you enroll in and drop after the 14th day of a semester (or comparable dates for Fort Campbell terms and summer sessions) will result in a grade of either “W” or “F”. These hours count in your lottery attempted hours total. You may only repeat/exclude one course to improve your GPA


While receiving the Hope Lottery Scholarship any “Incomplete” courses are included in the calculation of attempted hours. As grades for incomplete courses are posted, the Student Financial Aid Office must recalculate the cumulative TELS (Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship) GPA. If the recalculated cumulative GPA falls below the eligibility criteria at the attempted credit hours benchmark, your award will be canceled, which will result in repayment of Tennessee Lottery funds received.