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JROTC Best Raider


APSU each year has hosted a raider event, each one more different from the last. This year’s competition is called Best Raider. The APSU Best Raider competition is similar to raider competitions in the past but is modeled after the Army’s Best Ranger competition. This competition gives Senior ROTC cadets the chance to support local JROTC programs and mentor high school students. The competition challenges JROTC cadets both mentally and physically using the JROTC curriculum as a guideline. Raiders are expected to know and use skills such as map reading, building a rope bridge, basic first aid, and problem solving.

The best raider consists of three main events:
 *The Iron Governor

* A physical round robin

*4 mile rucksack march

 Cadets will run 2.5 miles in body armor, treat basic wounds, climb ropes, and move with a 30 pound rucksack. Each event is ran in two man teams and tests cadets physical endurance and mental agility making them extremely challenging and not for the faint hearted.

2013 Spring Raider Blitz Registration Form

Northeast High School

Northwest High School

Kenwood High School

Rossview High School

Fort Campbell High School

Clarksville High School

Montgomery Central High School