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Active Duty Soldiers - Green to Gold

Austin Peay is the premier Green to Gold university ROTC program in the nation. If you want to become an officer, take the following steps:

- Determine which Green to Gold option you want and are eligible for: (click on 'enlisted soldiers')

      - 104R for Green to Gold Candidates (2-year)

      - Additional Required Courses for Commissioning (Select one of the following):

    • HIST 4510 ERA of the American Revolution 1763 to 1800
    • HIST 4530 The Civil War Era 1845 to 1865
    • HIST 4700 American Military History to 1919
    • HIST 4710 American Military History since 1919

- Apply to the university:

- Contact us to verify your academic eligibility and advise you through the process

Typically, the top thing that disqualifies most Soldiers from doing Green to Gold is academic eligibility requirements. Your college credits must be toward a four year degree. Two reasons why APSU is a top Green to Gold location:

- Service credit acceptance: they value your military training and will credit you accordingly. Other schools may not.

- Military-friendly: taking classes part-time while a full-time Soldier is hard. APSU has a lot of flexible options that fit your schedule. And you can be confident that the classes you take with APSU will be credited towards a four year degree, which is what you need to meet your goal of doing Green to Gold.