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Considering Retirement

[Editor's note: As of October 10, 2015, some of the policies and other items in the following sections are undergoing review.  We expect to have the revised links and policies on this site by November 10, 2015, so you might check back at that time for changes.  The opening section, however, the "pre-retirement checklist," will be mostly unchanged and will remain a very valuable guide for those preparing to retire soon.]     

Most of us look forward to our retirement years as the time to enjoy the fruits of one's years of service.  A successful retirement does not "just happen" but must be carefully planned and implemented.  There are many professionals and on-line resources available to assist you in planning your retirement.  Use them extensively to plan and prepare for that special post-professional time of your life.

Generally, you should apply for retirement benefits at least three months before you want your benefits to begin.  Even if you are not planning on retirement soon you should apply for your Medicare benefits three months before your 65th birthday.

The below tabs are just a few of the resources to help you plan your retirement.

Pre-Retirement Checklist
APSU Retirement Policies:

Resources to Assist in Planning Retirement

The planning process itself can be a fun process for you and your family.  Have fun and make your retirement years all you want them to be.