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Pre-Retirement Checklist

Five Years Prior to Retirement

  • Attend seminars and other retirement education offerings for information on health, lifestyle, and financial issues during pre- and post-retirement years.

  • Begin to discuss with your network of peers their experiences regarding retirement planning, retirement decisions, and use of advisors.

  • Begin to think about post-retirement use of time, retirement careers, part-time work, possible relocation, and long-term commitments such as family, friends, community, health and fitness.

  • Find out what you may expect in the way of Medicare coverage.  review your insurance policies.  Evaluate long-term care coverage.  identify gaps and duplications.

  • Request your "Personal Earning and Benefit Estimate Statement" from Social Security by calling 1-800-772-1213.

  • Employees under a defined contribution plan:  Review and adjust asset allocation with consideration of proposed retirement date and distribution options.  Schedule an individual appointment with a plan representative if desired.

Three-four Years Prior to Retirement

  • Continue your education by attending seminars, talking with peers, and meeting with advisors.

  • Review annually your projected social security and Medicare benefits.

  • Review annually your asset allocation and adjust as needed.

  • Explore life style options:

    • Join or volunteer for an organization you consider giving your retirement time, effort or support.

    • Visit for an extended time and/or at different times of year possible relocation locations.

    • Begin education or training for new career or avocation.

    • Begin on a limited basis any new activity you plan to do during retirement.

    • Build a network of friends, associations and contacts who are already retired.

    • Consider an Elderhostel or other senior-travel experience.

  • Consider joining a retirement organization such as the APSU Retirees Association.

Two Years Prior to Retirement

  • Continue your education by attending seminars, talking with peers, and meeting with advisors.

  • Calculate projected healthcare and medication costs and coverage options.  Investigate Medicare Parts A, B and D and a supplemental insurance plan.

  • Calculate projected living expenses and compare them to anticipated income from all sources.

  • Examine pension distribution options through individualized illustrations through your defined distribution plan.

  • Increase participation in proposed retirement activities and locations.

One Year Prior to Retirement

  • Continue your education by attending seminars, talking with peers, and meeting with advisors.  Schedule a meeting with the APSU Human Resources retirement staff member.

  • Reevaluate projected healthcare/medication needs and coverage.

  • Review existing or new policies for life insurance, long-term care coverage, and protection insurance.

  • Reevaluate projected living expenses and income.  Plan for method of retirement income distribution.

  • Locate your original birth certificate and, if applicable, marriage certificate (or divorce decree.)  You will need to present these when you apply for benefits.

  • Faculty should inform their dean or department chair of intended retirement date in adequate time to initiate a search for a successor.  This will usually require a written notification of intention of retirement and a date.  Begin preparation for transfer of duties.

Six Months Prior to Retirement

  • If you have not already done so, both staff and faculty should write the letter of intention to retire to the appropriate supervisor.  Schedule a follow-up meeting with the APSU Human Resources staff member.

  • Staff should schedule unused paid-leave days or evaluate payment option through one's supervisor.

  • Collect and review applicable forms from Social Security at , by calling 1-800-772-1213, or by visiting the local Social Security Office.  In Clarksville the address is 108 Center Pointe Drive, 37040, telephone 931-647-5381.

  • Collect and review forms for pension plans distribution.  (See the telephone numbers and web sites as listed below.)

  • Collect and review forms for Medicare Parts A. B and D, and other intended insurance coverage.

Three Months Prior to Retirement

  • Finalize your pension distribution decisions.  Request forms from retirement plans.

  • Apply for Social Security 3 months before you want benefits to start.  (1-800-772-1213)

  • Begin to inform business-related organizations of your address change.

  • Review your pay stub and, if desired, make alternative arrangements through Human Resources for payments currently made by payroll reduction or deduction.

  • Make an appointment with the appropriate benefits office for you and your spouse (if married) to complete the necessary paperwork to start your pension payments.

  • Finalize decision on healthcare and enroll in Medicare Parts A, B and/or D and other coverage as planned.

  • Plan your first day of retirement.  Decide on three things you wish to accomplish during your first month of retirement.

  • Pick up a "Check out sheet" from Human Resources.

Retirement Day

  • Clean out your office or work space.

  • Do something special with family or friends.