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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can I apply for the CARE Policy?
    Answer: Students who have been out of college for a minimum of 2 years may apply for consideration.
  • How can I apply?
    Answer: Make an appointment with the Dean in the college of your major. Take copies of your APSU work and any transfer work with you.
  • How long will it take?
    Answer: Turn around time is approximately 7 to 10 business days after the necessary paperwork is received. After processing, a letter of notification will be mailed to your P.O. Box or local address.


  • How do I check my midterm grades?
    Answer: Through AP OneStop.
  • How can I check to see what my final grades were for the term/semester?
    Answer: through AP OneStop or order transcript online through AP OneStop or by faxing a written request to 931-221-6264.
  • How do I get a copy of my Final Grade Report?
    Answer: We do not send out Final Grade Reports, however, you may request a transcript at no charge.
  • Has my grade been changed?
    Answer: If the change has not been processed - turn around time is approximately 48 hours after all the necessary paperwork is received. Check out your unofficial transcript on AP OneStop to see your new Grade. Please contact the instructor if you haven't heard anything at the end of two weeks.

    For any additional questions or concerns, contact April Holland at 931-221-7125 or email
  • How do I calculate my GPA?
    Answer: Quality Points ÷ Quality Hours = GPA
    Example: 123 quality points ÷ 48 quality hours = 2.563 GPA
  • How can I raise my GPA?
    Answer: Repeat any course with a grade of 'F' or 'D'. Assuming that a passing grade will be earned - quality points will be added while quality hours will remain the same. Please remember that the third and all future attempts of a course are calculated in your GPA.
  • My GPA is 1.978 and if I round that up it's really a 2.000. Right?
    Answer: Wrong. A GPA of 1.978 is a GPA of 1.978. A
    minimum career GPA of 2.000 is required for graduation.
  • Can I get a grade report?
    Answer: No. We do not send out grade reports, however, you may request a transcript at no charge.
  • I got a 'C' in a course and I should have gotten an 'A'. What can I do?
    Answer: Contact the instructor of the course. ONLY the instructor has the authority to assign and submit grade changes.
  • What is my classification?
    Answer: Students are classified on the basis of total semester hours earned:
    0-29 Freshman
    30-59 Sophomore
    60-89 Junior
    90+ Senior
  • I got a copy of my transcript and it's not right. Who do I need to see?
    Answer: Towanja Titington, or (931) 221-6448.


  • What is an 'Degree Evaluation'?
    Answer: A Degree Evaluation is available through AP Self Service. It lists the requirements that you have left in order to complete your degree.
  • When do I apply for my degree:
    Answer: The applications for degree are on AP Self Service. You must fill out your application for degree one semester/term prior to your intended graduation. Typically, the deadlines are as follows:

    • Graduation Date -- Application Due
    • May (Spring Semester)--The first week of January
    • August (Summer Term)--The first week of June
    • December (Fall Semester)-- The last week of September
  • Please look at your Schedule of Classes for deadlines as to when the paperwork is due or
  • How do I get a duplicate copy of my diploma?
    Answer: Please contact Jasmine O'Brien,, at 931-221-6218. There is a $10 fee for the duplicate diploma. Please allow two weeks for processing.
  • What is the policy concerning participation in the commencement ceremony?
    Answer: To participate in the December, May or August ceremony all requirements must be completed by the day of commencement in which you are graduating.
  • I want to make sure I've turned in everything for graduation.
  • I need a letter saying I will graduate in May or I need a letter saying I have graduated. 
  • I need a letter saying I will graduate in May or I need a letter saying I have graduated.
    Answer: You must see  Sibrena Merriam, Sherry Comperry (, Ed Nushardt or Jasmine O'Brien in Ellington 315.
  • Can my wife/husband pick up my diploma?
    Answer: Yes, if you will send a signed letter of permission so that he/she can pick it up. They must show a picture ID and sign for the diploma.
  • Questions concerning course substitutions?
    Answer: You must see Sibrena Merriam,Sherry Comperry(  or Jasmine O'Brien in Ellington 315.
  • Where do I pick up my Associate's Degree?
    Answer: You must see Jasmine O'Brien (, Sherry Comperry(  or Sibrena Merriam in Ellington 315.


  • I have a high school deficiency in Social Studies or other courses. What courses can I take to remove this deficiency?
    Answer: See your advisor, get a list from the Ellington 316,
    refer to the University bulletin, or call April Holland, (931) 221-7125.


  • I need to check on the status of my loan deferment the lending institution hasn't received.
    Answer: Contact Sherry Yeatts, or (931) 221-7126.
  • I need to verify dates of enrollment and/or degree.
    Answer: Contact Sherry Yeatts, or (931) 221-7126.


  • When will the next Schedule of Classes be out?
    Answer: Spring - last week of October
    Summer/Fall - last week of March
    Revised Fall - middle of May
    Also on our website at
  • How do I drop a class after it has started?
    Answer: A drop can be processed online through AP Self Service or OneStop throughout the term. Click here for instructions.
  • My name is Joe B. Hall and I'm a student at the APSU Center at Fort Campbell. I need to talk to someone about my transfer evaluation. Who do I transfer the call to?
    Answer: Office of the Registrar, Ellington Hall, Room 316. (931) 221-7121.


  • Who can pre-register?
    Answer: Currently enrolled students.
  • How do you determine 1st date to register?
    Answer: The date is based on earned hours.
  • I'm a readmit student, or a readmit from Fort Campbell, can I pre-register?
    Answer: Yes, after the last day for the currently enrolled students pre-registration.
  • I'm a graduate student, transient student, or special, how do I get my Alternate PIN?
    Answer: Graduate, Transient and Special students may obtain their Alternate PIN number from the Office of the Registrar in Ellington 316.
  • I'm an undergraduate student, how do I get my Alternate PIN?
    Answer: You must speak to your advisor and obtain advisement. Upon completion of your advisement, your advisor will give you your Alternate PIN.
  • What is concurrent enrollment? How do I also enroll for classes at Fort Campbell?
    Answer: Students enrolled at both the Main Campus and at Fort Campbell are called Concurrently Enrolled students. To register at Fort Campbell you must see your advisor to obtain an Alternate PIN for the Fort Campbell Term.
  • Does APSU offer classes off campus?
    Answer: In addition to classes at Fort Campbell, the Center for Extended and Distance Education coordinates and schedules off campus offerings in neighboring communities. Sites include Dickson, Springfield, Dover and various schools and businesses in the area. Off campus classes are listed in the Schedule of Classes.


  • What's the difference between a PIN and Alternate PIN numbers?
    Answer: The PIN is a personal Identification Number the
    student uses to obtain their grades via AP Self Service. Upon first obtaining their grades, the student will use their date of birth and be prompted to enter and then verify their PIN. You will then be asked to create a question/answer in case you forget your PIN. Should a student 'forget' their PIN, they should select Forgot Password option.  If you still continue to have problems, please contact the Office of Registrar. The Alternate PIN is the number obtained from your academic advisor used to registrar through AP Self Service. A new Alternate PIN number is generated for each registration cycle. You will be required to re-enter your Alternate PIN anytime you wish to drop or add a course.
  • I need my Alternate PIN number.
    Answer: You need to contact your Academic Advisor for advisement and then you will receive your Alternate PIN.
  • I've changed Advisors, how may I get my Alternate PIN number?
    Answer: You need to contact your new Advisor. After you have received advisement, your new advisor will give you your Alternate PIN.
  • My Advisor is out of town, how may I get my Alternate PIN number?
    Answer: You should contact the Secretary of that department to schedule an appointment with an alternate advisor to be advised. Once you have been advised, you will receive your Alternate PIN number.
  • I don't have a PIN number or I can't remember my PIN number.
    Answer: Your PIN number is a secure Personal Identification Number that you input. No one has access to the number but you. If you are logging into AP Self Service for the first time, your PIN will be a six-digit number of the month/day/year (mmddyy) of your birthday. Once you enter this, you will be forced to change it to a six-digit number you will need to remember. You will need to have a six-digit number in mind that you (only you) may frequently use. One that you will remember. You will also be prompted to create a question/answer in the event you forget your password. If you should forget the number you have assigned, please click on the Forgot Password link and you will be prompted to give the answer to the question you created initially. If you continue to have problems, you may contact the Office of the Registrar to have it reset to your birthday. You will then be then forced to change to a different six-digit number. This will allow you to verify in AP Self Service and reassign a new PIN number.


  • How do I get a transcript?
    Answer: Write to: Office of the Registrar, APSU, P.O. Box 4448, Clarksville, TN 37044. Include name, SSN, date of birth, signature, maiden name, current address, and address where transcript is to be mailed.
  • Can a transcript be ordered over the phone?
    Answer: No
  • Can I fax a request to APSU?
    Answer: Yes, the fax number is (931) 221-6264. Include name, SSN, date of birth, signature and address where transcript is to be mailed.
  • What is the charge to have a transcript faxed?
    Answer: Charges: $1.00 for the cover page, $1.00 for each transcript page. Your current address is needed because you will be billed for the fax at a later date.
  • Does a fax transcript request need a signature?
    Answer: Yes, it requires everything a written regular request needs. Social security number, signature, date of birth, where to send the transcript, current mailing address to bill at a later date (if returning fax), and a fax number (if returning fax).
  • Can a fax be sent overseas?
    Answer: No
  • Can I have an official transcript?
    Answer: All transcripts are official. If a transcript is issued to a student, it is official with ISSUED TO STUDENT printed on it.
  • Can someone else pick up my transcript?
    Answer: Yes, with written permission and a photo ID.
  • Is it necessary to wait 2 to 7 days?
    Answer: Requests are not held to let time lapse. An effort is made to process transcripts as soon as possible.
  • I attended years ago, can I still have my transcript?
    Answer: Yes.
  • I attended Eagle University and the Eagle transcript has other colleges listed but no grades.
    Answer: Order your transcript from the other colleges listed for your grade(s).
  • My military spouse is away, can I order a copy of their transcript?
    Answer: Yes, with written request from spouse, or written request from you along with a copy of the Power of Attorney and photo ID.


  • My courses transferred as a PSY elective, is it like your PSY 1020?
    Answer: To substitute the course, go to your department Chair (Major/Minor) or to the Dean for (Core) approval. Carry a course description or syllabus of the course with you.
  • I am planning on going to another school this summer, but I will be back at APSU in the Fall. How can I make sure that it will transfer back?
    Answer: Pickup a Coursework Approval Form in the Ellington 316. Next go to your advisor, get his approval, and then turn the form in to the Office of the Registrar for final approval. A copy of the form will be returned to you and will indicate approval status and course equivalencies.
  • How do you evaluate military credit? How can I get credit for my military experience?
    Answer: We evaluate military credit using the American Council on Education (ACE) guides. You must turn in a DD214 or AARTS transcript, if you are a veteran. If you are active duty, we need an AARTS transcript, DD295, SMARTS transcript, or certificates. If you are in the National Guard, we need a NGB form 22 or AARTS transcript.
  • How do you evaluate my academic credit?
    Answer: We evaluate college credit by comparing the course descriptions from your university to our course descriptions. We use CD Rom, microfiche, and internet college catalogs to review the course descriptions of your courses. Course equivalencies or elective credit is granted from regionally accredited institutions.