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Usernames & Passwords

Accessing your Online Course
RODP online courses require you to logon with a username and password.  Usernames and passwords are assigned by the RODP WebCT administrator

Your RODP User Name and Password will be:

Your User Name is [first initial of your first name + your full last name + your four digit birth month and day] (no spaces). 
Example:  John Smith (birthdate of  February 22) = jsmith0222

Your Password is your six digit birthday date. 
Example:  February 22, 1976 = 022276 (no spaces)

  • UserNames and Passwords are ALL lower-case letters (password, not PassWord).  That's the most common mistake people make when having logon problems.

  • You are responsible for remembering your username and password.  If you forget your password you will need to contact the RODP 24/7 Help Desk at 1-866-550-7637 to have it reset.

  • No usernames or passwords are given out over the phone.

  • DO NOT share your username and password.   Anyone with your username and password can access your course AS YOU.

TBR Help Desk- M-F 8a-4:30p 1-888-223-0023
RODP Help Desk 24/7 1-866-550-7637

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