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Helpful Tips

Create a 'shortcut' link to your course - directly from your desktop.

        1.  Go to the page in your browser. 
        2.  Right click in the page.
        3.  Click on 'Create Shortcut'.

Maximize your browser window when viewing class material.  It is easier to understand material when you can see the 'big picture'.

Monitor settings - Your monitor should be set at a minimum of 800x600.  To set your monitor to 800X600:  

  1. Right click on your desktop

  2. Select 'Properties'

  3. Select the 'Settings' tab at the top

  4. In the area labeled 'Desktop Area', slide the bar to choose 800x600

  5. Push the 'Test' button - this will assure your settings will appear correctly.

  6. Read the information in the pop-up box, then select 'O.K.'

  7. If you saw the test pattern correctly, select 'Yes'.

  8. Select 'Apply'

  9. Select 'O.K.'

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