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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I ever have to come to the campus?

You may have a face-to-face and/or proctored (supervised) exam.  If this is the case you will need to speak with your instructor about getting a proctor.

Can I work at my own pace, or is there a set schedule? 

Most online courses have a set schedule for assignments and testing.   

Can I receive advising online? 

Yes.  Visit the Advising and Counseling  website for more information. 

Are there Library services online? 

Yes.  Visit the TBR Virtual Library for more information. 

When do online courses begin? 

See RODP Calendar for dates. 

Who should take an online course? 

Many different types of students can benefit from taking online courses.  If you have the right equipment, Internet access, and time to work on the course regularly, you may want to consider online courses.  An online course may be for you if:

  • You have obligations that prevent you from attending class during regular hours
  • You live far away from a College
  • You do not have access to transportation

... and many other reasons.  Studies have proven repeatedly that students who are highly self-motivated, responsible, and self-disciplined can do well in a distance education program.   

Will I be able to get help, or will I be all on my own?

We all want to see you succeed.  You will give yourself a good start by taking this orientation and honestly assessing your computer skills and equipment needs.

  • You will be able to contact your instructor by email and telephone.  

  • Most courses have a discussion board where you can post questions and topics with your classmates.  

  • Your course may have a live 'chat' component.

  • You can receive technical assistance by phoning RODP @ 1-866-550-7637 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

RODP does not provide computer, modem, Internet Service Provider (ISP) or software support other than the WebCT course management system.   

Are online courses easier than on-campus courses? 

Please don't confuse the flexibility of an online course with ease. The same course material is covered and the same course objectives must be met with each.  Because most of the contact with your instructor is via email, it will take longer to get a question answered than just raising your hand in class.  You will be reviewing the material on your own, so how much time you spend depends on your study habits. 

Do I still need to buy a textbook? 

For most online courses, you will need to buy a textbook.  Be sure to check the online syllabus for your course or check with your instructor.  Please visit the RODP website for more information.   

I have a computer and can get on the Internet, is that all I need? 

You may need additional software and hardware to take an online course.  It all depends on the course requirements.  Be sure to contact your instructor for questions specific to your online course.

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