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Email & Attachments

Email - What do you need for your online course?

  • All Online Courses require you to have a valid personal e-mail account with the ability to send and receive attachments. 

You may want to get an additional email account for your online course.

  • When taking an online course, it is convenient to have an email account  you can use from any computer, anywhere.  You then have the ability to work on your online course, even when you are away from home.

Check with the provider to find out:

  • Can you send and receive attachments

  • How much space do you have available.  With many email services, the email content is kept on the providers server, not on your personal computer.  Providers limit the amount of space you are allowed.  Some courses will require you to have largest space allotments than others.  Please check with your instructor if you have a space limitation.

  • How often does the account have to be used before it is deleted.  Most providers will inactivate an account after a specified period of inactivity.

There are many free email services available.   Here are some free email account sources.


  • Some courses require you to prepare documents with a certain format and appearance.  You will send these to your teacher by email attachment or use the built in "mail-box" in WebCT

General Instructions for email attachments:

  • Attach a File:

    • Select <INSERT> then <FILE>

    • Browse to the file you want to attach

    • Select the file - then click 'Attach'

  • View an Attachment:

    • Open the email message then double click on the attachment.

  • Save an Attachment:

    • Select the File menu, point to Save Attachments, and then click the file name OR View the attachment then select File/Save As/.

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