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Discussion Boards

Discussion Board / Bulletin Board - it's the same thing...

Many of the instructors use discussion groups in their online courses.  In fact, your first assignment may be to post something to a discussion board about yourself and why you are taking the class.  Don't be shy!  The next section,  'Netiquette' will familiarize you with some do's and don't of online discussion. 

You may be graded for class participation by your use of the discussion group.  Besides, it's a great way to talk with the other students you may seldom, if ever, meet.   You may be required to post once or twice a week,  so get acquainted with how it works!

  • A discussion board is also called a bulletin board or forum.  One person will start a discussion subject, also called a thread, and others will reply to it.   New discussion subjects can be posted at any time.  Online discussions can get quite lively!

  • Unlike 'chatting', which takes place in real time, items can be posted to a discussion board at separate times.  The date and time are noted, so you can see when the comment was made creating a record of the discussion. 

  • Since the results are permanently posted on the Web, until removed by the instructor, please compose your thoughts carefully.  Until you hit the 'Submit' button, you can always choose to hit the Reset button and start all over.  Once you hit the 'Submit' button you cannot change your comment, and it's there until your instructor removes it.

O.K.  How do you get started? 

Say you are the first student in your class to sign on to the boards. (Good move). 

  • Click on "Post" if you want to submit a comment.   A new window will open up to allow you to type in a comment.  It works like a form.  Click "Post Article" once you have filled in all the fields.  Don't like what you've written? That's what the "Reset" button is for.  Then you can just start all over with a clean slate.

  • Once you post the article, the "Confirmation" page will appear.  Then you can return to the contents page and click the "Refresh" or "Reload" button on the Browser tool bar to see your new article appear in the list.

  • If you want to reply to a comment, just click on that comment and type in your response when the next window opens.

  • If you want to start a new subject, click on the "Post" link at the top.   It will open a fresh subject and comment window.

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