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Regents Degree Program Home

Earn your degree at home, on the road, or virtually anywhere in the world.

Introducing a new way to earn a Bachelor's Degree with a major in Professional Studies or Interdisciplinary Studies via the Tennessee Board of Regents Degree Program at APSU. Simply stated . . . all courses completed in the Regents Online Degree Programs (RODP) will be entirely online and will be completely transferable among all the participating institutions which are fully accredited.

The APSU RODP offers the convenience of classroom accessibility 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from virtually anywhere in the world. Because you do all your classroom work when it is convenient for you, your schedule is very flexible. You simply access your virtual classroom through the Web. This program is not a self-paced program. Rather, courses begin and end on specific dates and classwork is assigned deadlines.

If you have a busy schedule, the APSU RODP is the ideal way to earn your degree. Call 1-931-221-1373 today or click on "Get Started" for more information.

To see the programs available On-Line, select On-Line Programs List.

Or read the Online Course Orientation to learn more about On-Line delivery.