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Group Fitness Instructor Training

Learn to lead the workout.

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to how to teach group fitness classes. We will be using the AFAA Fitness Theory and Practice and ACE Group Fitness Instructor Manual as the foundations for our course outline. These books are the same texts used by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and the American Council on Exercise, respectively, to prepare for their professional certification exams. It is our goal to educate the participant fully in fitness theory and its application to group fitness instruction as well as in how to teach a safe, effective and fun exercise class.

The course will cover both hi/low and step aerobics. After successfully completing this course, participants will begin substitute and team teaching within our program. If they remain active as instructors, performing up to our standards, for one semester, they will be eligible to assume responsibility for a class on a regular basis. 

The course will be approximately 15 hours of in class training followed by the examination. In order to pass the examination, participants must score an 80% or better on a written exam and successfully pass a practical demonstration. Some out of class time is necessary in order to fully master the material, particularly as it relates to the application portion. Anyone missing a class will have to make personal arrangements with the course instructor. The amount must be paid in full on the first day of classes. Fees are refundable only in the event that University Recreation cancels the class.

The information provided in this course should adequately prepare participants to take a national certification exam that would then allow them to teach in virtually any facility in the nation. By training with us, participants are eligible for a discount on the American Council on Exercise exam. Instructors must teach with us for a minimum of one semester in order to receive this discount. Throughout the class, participants will receive educational handouts as well as important resource information. Participants will be required to have current CPR certification prior to being permitted to teach any class independently.

Group Fitness Instructor Training