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Wellness Workshops

Beat the Clock - Time Management for Success
Feb. 1011:30-12:30 pmFoy 202

Learn how to successfully manage your time between class, work, health, and play though an engaging and informative workshop.  Get tips on how to manage your day’s tasks around your specific energy levels to be more effective and efficient!

Relationships 101
Feb. 255-6 pmFoy 202
Need help managing meaningful, healthy relationships?  Get professional guidance and tips on recognizing healthy vs. unhealthy relationships and what to do to establish and maintain lasting relationships.
Way 2 Fit
Mar. 311:30 am-12:30 pmFoy 202

A certified personal trainer will guide you in building an effective workout plan based on your specific goals and needs and break down the basics of exercise.  This workshop will offer plenty of time for open discussion and questions. Be sure to wear comfortable athletic attire.

Nutrition for Life
Mar. 195-6 pmFoy 202

Discover how to successfully achieve a healthy lifestyle through effective nutritional practices.  Learn the basics of nutrition, as well as the implementation of planning healthy meals, in this engaging and useful workshop.
Raising the Bar
Apr. 111:30 am - 12:30 pmFoy 202

Proud of your fitness success but want to get better?  Attend this engaging workshop to learn about ways to improve strength and power and overcome fitness plateaus.  Also learn how to properly perform complex lifts to get the most out of your workout.  Be sure to wear comfortable athletic attire.

Stress Management
Apr. 165-6 pmFoy 202
Let a certified professional guide you through an effective stress relieving workshop.  Learn how to de-stress for success the healthy way with the implementation of yoga, meditation, and more!  Be sure to wear comfortable athletic attire.