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Reserving Recreation Facilities

General Information

Given the variety of spaces, University Recreation facilities are suitable for a wide array of activities. Department programs and services take priority in considering facility reservation requests. University events generally take precedence over other activities.

Other Request Information

  • Events hosted by non-APSU individuals/organizations must provide proof of a minimum of $500,000 insurance with Austin Peay listed as additionally insured.
  • APSU students and employees receive a 20% discount on personal reservations.
  • Events requiring security in accordance with the police staffing matrix will incur charges for this service.
  • Due to NCAA regulations, basketball (men's grades 7-12, women's grades 9-12) and football (grades 7-12) events may be restricted and/or prohibited.

Reservation Fees

(room #)

Hourly RateNotes
Climbing Wall

6-10 people

11-15 people

16-20 people




Rental fee includes harnesses, belay devices and belay staff for the number of people indicated.

Custodialper contractor

For reservations outside of operating hours.

Education Room


Multimedia capabilities.

Fitness Studio
(214-A, 215-B)

$15 per studio

Activities may be restricted; stereo equipment not included. Additional $20 per studio if the activity requires tarp.

Intramural Field$20 daylight
$25 w/lights
Equipment available and included.

Multipurpose Courts
(136-A, B, C)

$35 per court

Additional $40 per court if activity requires tarp.

Pool# ppl     $/hr
1-25       $30
26-50     $50
51-75     $70
76-100   $90
Lifeguards included. Rates increase for reservations outside regular operating hours.
Racquetball Court
(141-A, 142-B, 143-C, 144-D)
$15 per courtActivities may be restricted. Additional $20 per court if the activity requires tarp.

per University Facilities

APSU Facility Rental policy mandates security per the Police Staffing Matrix.



Applied to all reservations that fall outside our operating hours.

Tarps$40 per gym ct.
$20 per studio
$15 per RB ct.

Applied to any activity that may damage the floor as determined by URec staff.

2nd Floor Lobby