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Equipment Checkout


As a service to our patrons, University Recreation has a wide variety of fitness and sports equipment available for checkout. Only patrons with a current APSU ID card will be permitted to checkout equipment.

Checkout Procedures

  • Patron requests equipment while presenting a valid APSU ID card to the staff.
  • The staff will gather required information to complete the Equipment Checkout form.
  • The patron signs the form, agreeing return the equipment before the close of business and to pay repair/replacement costs should anything happen to the equipment while in the participant's care.
  • The patron's ID is held at the desk until the equipment is returned in acceptable condition.

Available Equipment

FitnessGames SportsOther
BoSu Ballbadminton
rackets & birdies
men's & women's
bike locks
boxing glovescornhole
boards & bean bags
hybrid ($5 each/day)
cycling seat padsdodgeballsclimbing
harness, shoes, helmet
combination locks

heart rate monitorsFrisbeesfootballspinnies
jump ropeskick ballsracquetball
racquets, balls, goggles
flip & electronic
pedometerstable tennis
paddles, balls, nets
mitts, balls, bases
stop watches
resistance bands soccer
balls, goals
weight belts tennis
rackets & balls
wrist straps volleyball
balls, outdoor kits
  wally ball
balls & nets

What happens if equipment is turned in late, damaged or not at all?

Unless prior arrangements have been made and noted appropriately on the Equipment Checkout form, a late fee of $3 per day may be assessed.

A patron may be charged the cost of repair (labor and materials as applicable) plus an amount for to cover the administrative time in securing the repairs.
Not Returned

A patron may be charged the replacement cost for the equipment, including shipping and administrative time for ordering and processing.

Consequences for non-payment

Failure to pay assessed late/repair/replacement fees may result in a hold being placed on the patron's University account. A hold may affect registration, validation and requests for transcripts. Additionally, University Recreation access privileges may be suspended or revoked.