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Dress Code


In all University Recreation facilities, in order to help maintain a friendly, safe and respectful environment, participants are required to abide by the following:

  • Patrons must wear appropriate attire at all times;
    that is not offensive, suggestive or overly revealing. 
  • Patrons must wear a shirt at all times when participating in any activity in any University Recreation facility or event to exclude the pool.
  • Participants must wear closed -toe, athletic shoes only (no open toes, sandals, flip flops, boots or dress shoes) with the exception of the pool.
  • When wearing recreation pinnies, a t-shirt with sleeves is required.
  • Appropriateness of the clothing will be held to the discretion of the University Recreation staff.


In order to minimize the risk of disease transmission as well as extend the life of our equipment, participants in the fitness center are required to abide by the following:

  • Heavy materials, such as denim, khaki, canvas and military fatigues are prohibited.
  • Garments with metal rivets, buttons, belts, or exposed zippers are prohibited.
  • Closed-toe, athletic, fitness shoes are required. Athletic sandals, hiking boots and water footwear are inappropriate for this area.
  • Dress code parameters may be adjusted to accommodate certain class formats. For example, bare feet or stocking feet are permissible in mind-body classes (i.e., yoga and Pilates) and some dance classes, such as belly dance.
  • While some dance formats lend themselves to high heels or hard soled shoes, these cause excessive wear, possibly even damage, to the wood floors and are therefore prohibited.


In order to protect the high quality wood floors on the gymnasium and racquetball courts,  participants will wear non-marking court shoes. Running shoes, aathletic sandals, hiking boots and water footwear are inappropriate for these spaces.