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Resources for Teacher Candidates

The Office of Clinical Teaching

This page links to all the forms that teacher candidates must access while in various stages of teacher preparation. It also has information on key contacts in the office.

Clinical Teaching Handbook 2014

Revised edition of policies and procedures for Residency 2 teacher candidates.


This is the latest version of the required format for lesson plans in Residency 2.

Making Good Choices (July 2016)

This July 2016 version of Making Good Choices details the various tasks entailed in completing the edTPA for general education majors.

Making Good Choices: SPED (2016)

This newly-updated edition  (August 2016) guides SPED candidates in completing the edTPA for Special Education.


Excellent examples of various academic language terms with examples (language supports, discourse, syntax).

Video-editing Resources:


This link will guide the teacher candidate through the video editing process for iMovie version 9. Mrs. Judy Castleberry authored this guide, and can be reached at

How to Clip Your Video in iMovie v.10

This link is for the newer version of iMovie (v.10) found in the CX227 computer lab.

How to Check the Size of Your Clipped Video

This link explains how to check the file size on each video clip.

Compress video with Handbrake on Macs

This screen shot lists steps and specifications for compressing video on a Mac.

Edit movies in Movie Maker (PC)

This link will allow users to clip video using PC-based Movie Maker on personal computers. (Not available in CX computer lab).

How to Compress Video on a PC

This set of screen shots details steps on compressing video on a personal PC.

Video release form 2014

This form is required for students in clinical teaching where an edTPA video will be recorded.

Academic Language PPT

This presentation outlines valuable explanations of how academic language is used in the edTPA assessment.