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"The primary goals of the Ready2Teach Initiative are to:

The Ready2Teach teacher preparation program will "produce graduates with strong academic content knowledge, strong skills in instruction, assessment, and management, and well-developed skills in meeting the academic and social needs of all students."

(Source: Ready2Teach Overview, Ready2Teach Tennessee)

Ready2Teach is designed to provide the teacher candidate with a full year of experience in a classroom setting, consisting of Residency 1 and Residency 2. Teacher candidates meet their classroom mentor teachers in partner schools and learn school and classroom demographics and policies, while getting to know students and their academic curriculum needs. In Residency 2, teacher candidates serve as co-teachers in their assigned classroom, completing an intensive analysis of a learning segment called an edTPA. Teacher candidates also provide individual attention and tutoring to at-risk students as needed, which has resulted in higher test scores in many cases. Teacher candidates who complete the Ready2Teach program are fully prepared to enter a classroom and teach on a professional level from day one.