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Students prepare video clips for Task 2 in edTPA



"The Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity (SCALE) has partnered with the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (AACTE) and Pearson to create and deliver a reliable and valid performance assessment system for enhancing the quality of teachers in the United States. SCALE developed a pre-service teacher assessment system that is nationally available for states and teacher preparation programs to use in program improvement, licensure, and accreditation." (Source: Scale website)

Austin Peay's College of Education has incorporated the edTPA preparation program throughout the education curriculum to prepare students to excel in the edTPA assessment and the classroom. To understand the various stages of the edTPA, visit the linked "Task" pages:

Task 1: Planning Instruction and Assessment

Task 2: Instructing and Engaging Students in Learning

Task 3: Assessing Student Learning

Megan Cunningham, APSU Class of 2011, explains how completing the edTPA prepared her so well for her first year of teaching in this video:

Dr. Lisa Barron,  Coordinator of Clinical Teaching in the Office of Clinical Teaching, helped author a guide for students titled "Making Good Decisions: A Support Guide for the Teacher Performance Assessment" that leads teacher candidates through the edTPA process with professional guidance. Following is the updated (9/2013) version (makinggoodchoices-sept-2014.pdf). Special education students now have access to a specific version that guides their edTPA decision as well (spemaking-good-choices-sept-20141.pdf).

Following is a graphic of the "big picture" of the edTPA process:

edTPA task graphic

Getting Ready for the edTPA PowerPoint presentations are a great way for Residency teacher candidates to preview the requirements and process for completing the edTPA:

Getting Ready for the edTPA: Part 1

Getting Ready for the edTPA: Part 2

Getting Ready for the edTPA: Part 3

For teacher candidates who wish to learn how recent New York state candidates viewed their progress through the edTPA, follow this link: