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The Soloist By Steve Lopez - The Peay Read

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Characters (in order of appearance)

Columbia, SC -
The Messenger office
Maggie Glenn – photojournalist
Thomas Hudson - owner
Lee Gervais – managing editor
Allen Hemphill - journalist

Tamasee, SC (Oconee County)
Aunt Margaret – Maggie’s Aunt on her father’s side
Billy Watson – gas station and store owner
Joel Lusk – Maggie’s cousin and Search & Rescue Squad member
Daddy - Maggie’s father
Ben Glenn – Maggie’s brother
Randy - Tamassee Search & Rescue Squad diver and Ronny’s brother
Luke Miller – environmentalist and rafter
Mama Tilson - owner of Mama Tilson’s (BBQ)
Earl Wilkinson – raft guide
Momma - Maggie’s mother
Sheriff Cantrell – Oconee Co. Sheriff
Herbert McClure – Oconee Co. Deputy Sheriff
Walter Phillips – Forest Service District Ranger
Ronny Moseley - Tamassee Search & Rescue Squad diver and Randy’s brother
Harley Winchester – logger
Tony Bryan – housing developer
Randall and Jeff Alexander– musicians

Minnesota – Kowlasky Family
Ruth – daughter
– father
Ellen - Mother

Peter Brennon – owner, Brennon Portable Dam Company (Carbondale, IL)

Interviews/Selected Media about the Book and Author

Video/Audio Interviews:

Written Interviews:

  • Ron Rash Interview in The Morning News
    Robert Birnbaum talks to one of the Carolinas’ favorite sons about the strengths of southern writers, the benefits of teaching welders, and the crushing reality that awaits MFA grads.

Rash on Writing and Themes:

Readings by Rash:

Books and Poetry by Ron Rash


One Foot in Eden (2002)  Find @ APSU | Buy
The World Made Straight (2006) 
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Serena (2008)
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The Cove (2012)
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Eureka Mill (1998)  Borrow | Buy
Among the Believers
(2000)  Borrow | Buy
Raising the Dead
(2002)  Borrow | Buy
(2011)  Borrow | Buy

 Short Story Collections

The Night The New Jesus Fell to Earth and Other Stories from Cliffside, North Carolina (1994)  Borrow | Buy
Casualties (2000) 
Borrow | Buy
Chemistry and Other Stories (2007)
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Burning Bright (2010) 
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Nothing Gold Can Stay (2013) 
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Children's Book

The Shark’s Tooth (2001)