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Where am I wearing? By  Kelsey Timmerman - The Peay Read

Past Winners

2013 Creative Response Winners


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (essay) by Janaé Jackson

A River Rat's Lament (soliloquy) by Janey Lindsey

By the River (painting) by Malena Landon

Choices Result in Consequences (essay) by Brandi Phillips

Epilogue (fiction) by Savannah Vineyard

Ghosts (painting) by Rachel Sanders

Going Home (poem) by Ryan Schryver

Reliving Traumatic Events and Overcoming Negative Memories (essay) by Emily Reeve

Rock (picture) by Deborah Gulledge

Saint at the River Movie Poster (poster) by Andrew Moyers

Strangers (poem) by Lane Parmely

The River Doesn't Care (essay) by Emily Foster

Tomorrow (song) by Cassidy Graves

What's In a Title (essay) by Andrew Martin

When You're Not Saying Anything (art) by Caithleann Thomas 


2012 Creative Response Winners