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Psychology Course Descriptions

PSY 5500 - Industrial and Organizational Psychology (3)

Prerequisites: Permission of Instructor
Advanced survey course covering the major topics within the field of I-O psychology incuding employee selection, training and development, performance appraisal, job analysis leadership, work motivation and organizational development. The treatment of these topics will emphasize methodological, measurement and data analysis practices in the field.

PSY 5501 - Orientation to Industrial-Organizational Psychology (1)

Prerequisites: Permission of Instructor
Addresses academic and professional issues related to the study and practice of I-O psychology. Topics to be addressed include historical foundations of the field, links between I-O psychology and psychological science, career paths, scholarly and practitioner associations and publications, resume preparation, internship search strategies, and orientation to the M.A. program.

PSY 5510 - Performance Management (3)

Measurement of processes related to job analysis and performance appraisal will be explored. Topics to be studied include systems for documenting work content, work context and performance requirements of jobs and the cognitive, affective and administrative factors related to designing systems for measuring and managing job performance.

PSY 5520 - Personnel Assessment and Selection (3)

Studies the process of gathering job-related data about individuals for the purpose of making employment decisions. Topics to be explored include issues in selection, recruitment, test and non-test selection techniques, employment decision making and validation strategies.

PSY 5540 - Training and Development (3)

Studies the process of designing, developing, implementing and evaluating training programs. Topics to be explored include the instructional systems design model, motivation to learn, principles of adult learning, instructional techniques, transfer of training and program evaluations.

PSY 5550 - Leadership and Organizational Change (3)

Studies the process of leadership within organizations and the role leadership plays in bringing about organizational change. Leadership is explored through traditional approaches including trait, behavioral, contingency and transformational perspectives. Organizational change is explored using a systems approach focusing on needs assessment, problem diagnosis, organizational interventions and evaluation.

PSY 5560 - Organizational Psychology (3)

Studies the causes and consequences of work-related attitudes and behaviors. Topics to be addressed include levels of analysis, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, organizational citizenship behavior, fairness, stress, motivation, turnover and customer service.

PSY 5575 - Applied Measurement in Industrial-Organizational Psychology (3)

Prerequisite: PSY 5000
Addresses basic measurement issues and concepts including reliability, content and criterion-related validity, construct validity, psychological scaling and questionnaire design, item analysis, validity generalization and meta-analysis, ethical issues in testing, and the latest advances in psychological measurement. Related statistical comments will also be addressed.

PSY 5580 - Personnel Psychology

The course addresses the major areas within the field of personnel or industrial psychology including job analysis, job evaluation, recruitment, models of job performance, personnel selection, training and development and performance appraisal.

PSY 5600 - Theories and Counseling in Career Development (3)

Prerequisites: Permission of Instructor
A survey of theories of career development, methods of developing a career information program and procedures for providing personal, social, educational and vocational information are included.

PSY 5640 - Practicum in School Counseling (2)

Prerequisites: Appropriate courses and Permission of Instructor
Supervised experience in counseling and guidance for those who are preparing for school guidance programs. Periods must be reserved for conferences with supervisors and college instructors. (180 contact hours).

PSY 5720 - Internship in Community Counseling (6)

Prerequisites: Appropriate courses and permission of Instructor
Supervised internship in an approved setting for a minimum of 600 hours. The intern is responsible primarily to the agency supervisor but reports to the university supervisor at specified intervals.

PSY 5725 - Internship in School Counseling (3, 6)

Prerequisites: Completion of all required classes for school counseling
Supervised internship in an approved school settings (elementary, middle, high school) for a minimum of 600 hours. The intern is responsible primarily to the school guidance counselors but will report to the university supervisor at specified intervals.

PSY 5730 - Internship in Industrial-Organizational Psychology (3)

Individual on-site work experience designed to provide supervised application of competencies acquired in the program of study. Supervision by field and university personnel. (180 contact hours)

PSY 5810, 5820, 5850, 5860 - Independent Study (1-3)

Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor
Permits the advanced student to pursue in-depth study of topics of special interest.

PSY 5840 - Advanced Statistics and Research Design (3)

Prerequisite: PSY 5130 and Permission of Instructor
Theory and application of experimental design in psychological research. It included the study of design strategies in relation to statistical procedures, particularly analysis of variance.

PSY 5950 - Research Paper (3)

Prerequisites: Permission of Instructor
The student registers for three hours of research to develop a complete proposal for further research or the three hours may culminate in the completion of research paper sufficient to meet departmental and graduate school requirements.

PSY 5960 - Applied Research Paper in Industrial-Organizational Psychology (3)

The student would identify one or more human resource-related problems being faced by an organization. The student would review the relevant academic literature related to the problem and prepare a report for the organization. The report would review the research literature and culminate with a set of recommendations that flow from that literature. Could be taken in lieu of PSY 5950 or PSY 5990.

PSY 5990 - Thesis (3,3)

Prerequisites: Permission of Instructor
An individual research project culminating in a written and oral presentation of the research conducted. After identifying a problem, the student may collect original data analyze data or critically analyze the results of research published in the professional literature. The student must add to the research literature by offering sound original data or a meta-analysis.

PSY 5991 - Research Requirement Completion (1)

Prerequisites: Permission of Instructor
For students not fulfilling graduate school research literacy requirement within one year after scheduled completion of thesis, field study report, research project paper, or research literacy paper. Enrollment required each subsequent semester. Tuition and fees for one credit hour must be paid every semester until research requirement is met.