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Psychology Course Descriptions

PSY 3010 - Learning and Motivation (4)

Prerequisites: PSY 1010, 2010, 3180 with grade of "C" or better
An in-depth presentation of basic principles, findings, concepts, and theoretical positions in the areas of learning and motivation. Attention is given to the debate over the nature of learning at both the empirical and theoretical levels.

PSY 3020 - Physiological Psychology (4)

Prerequisites: PSY 1010, 2010, 3180 with grade of "C" or better
An in-depth presentation of the structural and functional characteristics of the mammalian nervous system, methods for its study, and the relationship between physiological and psychological events. In the laboratory, students participate in the conduct of a research study, collecting their own data, discuss the implications of the findings, and learn to use various resources for obtaining information relevant to the research.

PSY 3030 - Sensory Processes (4)

Prerequisites: PSY 1010, 2010, 3180 with grade of "C" or better
The course focuses upon how organisms receive, modify, and utilize sensory information. Contemporary research and theory, as well as traditional methodology, is stressed.

PSY 3040 - Cognitive Processes (4)

Prerequisite(s): PSY 1010, 2010, 3180 with grade of "C" or better
Basic cognitive processes with topics that include: pattern recognition, attention, memory, concept formation, reasoning, problem solving, intelligence, and language. Emphasis will be placed on research, theory, and application.

PSY 3050 - Career Development in Psychology (3)

Prerequisites: PSY 1010 and Psychology Major Status
Examines career development threory and the multitude of career options in psychology with or without a graduate degree. Graduate school acceptance and success will be examined. Students will evaluate options, develop a resume and research skills, complete interest inventories, identify potential careers, practice interview skills, and develop a career plan.

PSY 3100 - Developmental Psychology (3)

Prerequisite: PSY 1010
This course provides an overview of the empirical evidence regarding physical, cognitive, social and emotional changes that occur from conception to death. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the various biological, environmental and cultural influences on human development.

PSY 3110 - Child Development (3)

Prerequisites: PSY 1010 or EDUC 2100
The scientific study of human development from conception through adolescence. Cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and moral areas of development will be studied through examination of empirical, conceptual, and theoretical materials.

PSY 3120 - Adult Development (3)

Prerequisites: PSY 1010
The scientific study of human development in the adult years. Attention will be given to continuity and change in intellectual, personality, and biological areas of development and in the areas of family structure and career development.

PSY 3130 - Educational Psychology (3)

Prerequisites: PSY 1010 or EDUC 2100
Provides prospective teachers an understanding of the way students learn and develop. The learning process, its determining conditions, and its results will be emphasized. The course will also provide an overview of child and adolescent development as it relates to student behavior.

PSY 3140 - Infant and Toddler Development (3)

Prerequisites: None

The scientific study of human development during the infant and toddler periods. Cognitive, social, emotional, language and physical development will be studied using empirical, conceptual and theoretical materials.  The importance of the infant-caregiver relationship, the needs of high-risk infant and toddlers and intervention and assessment techniques will be introduced. 

PSY 3180 - Research Methods (3)

Prerequisites: PSY 1010 and 2010 with grade of "C" or better
Introductory methods of psychological research are presented. An analysis of various research designs is also examined. A research proposal, following APA format, is required.

PSY 3200 - Adolescent Development (3)

Prerequisites: PSY 1010 or EDUC 2100 The scientific study of human development from pre-adolescence through late adolescence. Cognitive, social, emotional and physical areas of development will be studied through examination of empirical, conceptual and theoretical materials. Attention will be given to adolescent development as it occurs in the contexts of school, family and peer environments.

PSY 3210 - Psychology of Women (3)

Examination of developmental characteristics of women, myths and stereotypes, sex roles, sexuality, life styles, values, achievement motivation, power, mental health, and mental disorders in women. The empirical study of the psychological issues of women will be emphasized.

PSY 3230 - African-American Psychology (3)

This course explores historical and contemporary psychological issues concerning persons of African-American descent. Issues including racial identity, gender, worldview, and the sociocultural experiences of persons of African-American descent in the diaspora will be addressed. Presentation and review of psychological theories and research will be the foundation of the course.

PSY 3290 - Introduction to Psychological Measurement (3)

Prerequisites: PSY 2010 or MATH 1530
An introduction to theory and practice in psychological measurement. Classical and modern theories of measurement are studied. The relevance and use of current measure of personality, achievement, and aptitude are examined. Various methods of collecting psychological information are surveyed.

PSY 3330 - Social Psychology (3)

Prerequisites: PSY 1010
A systematic and scientific approach to the psychological problems of social and human interactions. Topics covered: attitude, altruism, attraction, attribution, aggression, social self, social influence, social cognition, social perception, leadership, group dynamics, prejudice, discrimination, and applied social psychology.

PSY 3340 - Health Psychology (3)

The study of the biopsychosocial approach to health and wellness. This course emphasizes the learning of skills that lead to healthy responses to stress and the enhancement of psychological resiliency. A major focus of the course will be ont he practice of skills that lead to healthy interpersonal functioning of the individual in their familial and social context.

PSY 3500 - Consumer Psychology (3)


Application of psychological theory and applied research methods to the study of consumer behavior. The psychological processes that influence consumer decision making will be addressed including problem recognition and information search, alternative evaluation and choice behavior, and post-purchase attitudes and behavior. The antecedents and consequences of consumer satisfaction will be highlighted.