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Liberal Arts

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Why Study Liberal Arts at APSU?

The Liberal Arts associate degree program is designed to serve as a complete two-year educational program, as well as to transfer to a bachelor’s degree program.  It includes many courses that are required for any four-year program of study and an area of electives that may allow a student to enroll in either major specific courses or courses of a personal interest. 

That makes the Liberal Arts program an excellent choice for students who are unsure of their academic career plans.  The program also is ideal for students who are attempting to fulfill core requirements for any four-year degree.  A student pursuing a bachelor degree may apply for the Liberal Arts degree upon completion of the requirements without interrupting the bachelor program.

Liberal Arts advisers are available by appointment or by email throughout the academic year to answer questions and advise students on the appropriateness of the program for their particular career or educational goal.  Once course selections are available for the upcoming term, advisers are available to assist students in choosing classes.

What Will I Learn?

This program consists of general education core coursework intended to help students acquire concepts, skills, & knowledge, apply mathematical, scientific, & creative methods, communicate through reading, listening, writing, & speaking, develop technological proficiency, can collaborate to solve problems.

What engagement opportunities are available to APSU students?

APSU fosters a positive campus environment that encourages active participation in university life. Organizations and honor societies in which students can engage are Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society and Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society. Alpha Lambda Delta recognizes academic excellence of freshmen and membership is by invitation only. Alpha Sigma Lambda recognizes academic excellence of nontraditional upperclassmen.


APSU students engage in HIP curricular and co-curricular experiences that advance their learning and knowledge. Opportunities include first-year seminar, first-year learning communities, common reading experience 'The Peay Read', undergraduate research, study abroad, service and community-based learning, internships, e-portfolio development, and capstone courses & projects.

What Do Liberal Arts Majors Do After Graduation?

With an Associate of Science in Liberal Arts, students will be equipped to take on more responsibility at work, compete more successfully for jobs, or continue their education in a bachelor's degree program.

  • Take on more work responsibility
  • Continue their education
  • Compete more successfully for jobs