Teaching: Concentration Secondary Education
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David Kennedy, Master of Teaching

Teaching: Concentration Secondary Education

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The Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Program is specifically designed for students who are wish to peruse teaching as a second career. The MAT Secondary Program provides coursework that prepares you to teach in a variety of areas. The Secondary MAT Program offers a Master's Degree and a teaching license in grades 7-12 in Math, Science, English, Foreign Languages, History, and a teaching license in grades K-12 in Health and Human Performance, Music, and Art. All faculty teaching in the program are experienced classroom teachers with years of valuable practical experience. Extensive classroom practical application is also a critical part of your training as a teacher. You will have the opportunity to observe experienced educators, to work with students in grades 7-12, and to take the lead as the classroom teacher during your final semesters. You will gain experiences that will prepare you to be a leading professional educator. The Eriksson College of Education has an enduring reputation of producing some of the best teachers in the state, with area administrators seeking our graduates. As a student in the College of Education, you will feel and experience the collaborative and supportive learning environment as you work with your peers and faculty to fulfill your dream of becoming a teacher. 


Admission Requirements

2018 Teaching: Secondary Education (Math track), MAT

2018 Teaching: Secondary, MAT

What opportunities are available with this degree?

  • Private School Teacher
  • Government Agencies
  • Court Systems
  • Social Services
  • Curriculum Designer
  • Public School Teacher
  • Non-Profit
  • Hospitals
  • Corporate Trainer