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The Master of Arts in English emphasizes literature, creative writing, and teaching and the role of scholarship and creative writing in the development of teachers. The 2:1 graduate student to graduate faculty ratio in our program is beneficial to both students and faculty and provides an ideal environment for academic growth.

Graduate students take an active role in our department and join faculty in mentoring and teaching undergraduate students and in conducting and presenting research.

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What opportunities are available with this degree?

Traditionally, English graduate students have fallen into four categories: (1) middle and high school teachers of literature and language arts seeking greater expertise, as well as increased pay, in their fields; (2) students aspiring to teach at the college or university level or preparing to pursue terminal degrees in the fields of English, Creative Writing, Linguistics, or adjacent fields such as Library Science (*e.g. the M.F.A. or Ph.D.); (3) students seeking positions in the business or managerial world, including editing, proofreading, technical writing, or jobs in the publishing industry; (4) students with an interest in literature, creative writing, or linguistics who wish to enrich their lives through continued study in these areas.