Surplus Equipment
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Surplus Equipment

Online Electronic Listing of Surplus Property

Austin Peay announces that property declared surplus to its needs is being offered to all Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) system institutions, the University of Tennessee (UT) systems institutions and State agencies through the GovDeals online internet-based auction system for disposal of surplus property.

Property declared “surplus” by Austin Peay will automatically be placed on GovDeals, Tier II on a continuous basis, and remain in the electronic warehouse for a period of at least thirty (30) days.  Institutions and State agencies are able to view pictures and descriptions of items on the web site in Tier II. 

To view surplus items in Tier II (TBR institutions), log onto the web site then click on “Register to Bid” and follow instructions (enter Austin Peay for organization or your state agency). After completion of the registration process, click on “Modify Profile” and select “TN-Tennessee Board of Regents & TBR Institutions” as your organization.  Click “Update” at the bottom of the screen.  Click on “View Profile”.   The items will not be available for personal use bids until after they have been moved to Tier III.

If not wanted by other institutions or State agencies then the items automatically move to Tier III. Surplus property that is released from Tier II to Tier III is available for sale to the general public. To purchase these items on surplus, a new registration will have to be completed that does not list Austin Peay (or your state agency) as the organization but the bidder as an individual.