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Order Process for University Stationery

The vendor for printing official University stationery (letterhead, business cards and envelopes) is MediaWorks, located at 116 Hiter St., downtown Clarksville. MediaWorks provides the University with an online ordering system.

The online system expedites the process for ordering standard stationery and business cards. Departments and offices no longer have to acquire approval from the Office of Public Relations and Marketing before placing an order for the standard business cards, letterhead and envelopes. The online order system is set up to use a standard template. Any requests to deviate from the standard template will require prior approval from the APSU Public Relations and Marketing Office before ordering.

If your department needs specific placement of addresses, logos or other information on stationery, or requires non-standard sizes for items used on an annual basis, please contact the Public Relations and Marketing Office so a template can be created and provided to the vendor. This allows future
orders to be handled through the online system, eliminating the need for prior approval by Public Relations and Marketing.

Any orders deviating from the standard options offered in the contract will have to be custom quoted by MediaWorks.

In addition, stationery orders under the spending limits that do not require a purchase order may be paid using a University credit card. If you wish to pay by credit card, please note that on the on-line order form. When the order is delivered, you will receive an e-mail requesting you call MediaWorks to provide credit card information. MediaWorks will then fax you a confirmation credit card receipt. For your security, MediaWorks will not keep your credit card number on file, and the company will not initiate the telephone call requesting your credit card information. Please remember to attach the receipt to your credit statement. All other methods of payment will be invoiced directly to the business office.

Initially, all orders will be created as new orders and can be easily created using the online order system. Once an order has been filled by the vendor, the information is retained, posted on the online order site and can be easily accessed for reorder purposes with the option to edit the information. After placing an order, you will receive an e-mail notification to review and approve a proof posted on the vendor site. The vendor will not print your order unless you return to the order system and approve the posted proof. Your order will be delivered to shipping and receiving within
five business days after approving the proof.

To access the online order site, go to The contact information for MediaWorks is posted on the APSU purchasing website. Additional instructions for
placing orders will be available on the online order site.