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UPC Agendas, Minutes, and Committee Members

Agendas for upcoming UPC meetings:

Next scheduled meeting is October 13, 2015

University Policy Committee Minutes FY15:

20.0 UPC Minutes 9-8-2015

19.0 UPC Minutes 8-11-2015

18.0 UPC Minutes 6-9-2015

17.0 UPC Minutes 5-12-2015

16.0 UPC Minutes 4-14-2015

15.0 UPC Email Minutes 2-2015

14.0 UPC Minutes1-13-2015

13.0 UPC Minutes 12-15-2014

12.0 UPC Minutes 12-3-2014

11.0 UPC Minutes 11-17- 2014

10.0 UPC Minutes 10-14-2014

9.0 UPC Minutes 9-9-2014

8.0 UPC Minutes 8-12-2014

University Policy Committee Members

Mr. Mitch Robinson, Chair, VP, Finance and Administration

Dr. Rex Gandy, Provost and VP, Academic Affairs

Dr. Sherryl Byrd, VP, Student Affairs

Mr. Derek van der Merwe, VP, Advancement, Communication, and Strategic Initiatives

Dr. Tim Winters, Faculty Senate Chair

Mr. Rylan Kean, Staff Senate President

Mr. Will Roberts, SGA President


Ms. McCartney Andrews, Senior Administrative Assistant, Finance and Administration - Minutes

Procedures for New, Revised, or Rescinded Policies