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5:014 Outside Employment and Extra Compensation


Austin Peay State
Outside Employment and Extra Compensation

Issued:  November 14, 2016

Responsible Official:  Vice President for Finance and Administration

Responsible Office:  Human Resources


Policy Statement

Full-time employment with Austin Peay State University demands an individual’s full-time professional expertise, commitment, and energies, and the assigned duties of an APSU faculty member constitutes a full-time assignment. APSU recognizes the value of its students, its personnel, and to the citizens of Tennessee arising from outside consulting and other professional experiences in which members of the faculty and staff may engage. Such activities contribute to the economic development of the state, and bring credit to the University. These activities also create valuable links between the University and the community.


The purpose of this policy is to set forth the following general provisions to cover the circumstances and limitations under which outside employment and/or extra compensation may be appropriate.



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  1. APSU also recognizes that, under certain conditions, employees may be requested to perform additional assignments for which extra compensation may be warranted.
  2. As defined herein, this policy does not apply:
    1. To normal, short term professional activities such as participation in symposia, accreditation visits, speaking engagements, exhibitions, or recitals, even though honoraria may be received for such participation;
    2. When the individual is not within the term of his or her contract period, or is on leave;
    3. To salaries paid to academic-year for teaching in inter-session and summer session, which are not considered extra compensation and are addressed in APSU Policy 2:048.

  1. Prior to engaging in outside employment, the faculty or staff member shall notify appropriate supervisors and the president, or his or her designee, of the nature of the employment and the expected commitment of time.
  2. Prior to accepting an extra assignment, the faculty or staff member shall have written approval of the president or designee (see Outside Employment Form in Related Forms section).
  3. The President or designee may approve outside service and extra service only for efforts that:
    1. Are performed entirely outside of, and in addition to, normal working assignments and responsibilities;
    2. Do not interfere with assigned duties and responsibilities or with regular institutional operations;
    3. Are consistent with APSU policies and with state law.
      1. T.C.A. § 49-5-410 limits full-time faculty members to teaching no more than two credit courses per semester (6 work load credits) for extra pay in an institution of higher education.
      2. T.C.A. § 49-5-410 also limits faculty to 15 clock hours per week, or 400 clock hours per nine-month period, for extra pay.
    4. Do not constitute a conflict of interest or compete with the University’s education, research, or public service programs;
    5. Require only a reasonable time commitment from the employee; and
    6. Are not undertaken with an inappropriate claim that the individual is officially representing the University in connection with the employment.
  4. If the employment involves other agencies, departments, or institutions of State government, it is subject to prior approval of the President or appropriate representative of the other agency, department, or institution. Services rendered by an APSU employee to another state agency or institution of higher education will be paid by the contracting agency to the institution pursuant to a dual service agreement.
  5. Faculty acceptance of overload assignments, for instruction or other purposes, is strictly voluntary.
    1. Overload assignments should be employed only when situations arise which warrant such action.
    2. Overload assignments should not be employed on a regular basis or in lieu of hiring qualified faculty or instructors.
    3. Supervisors must be careful to protect untenured faculty when making overload assignments and should make every effort to distribute overloads fairly as staffing needs allow.


A. The rates set forth in this policy shall be considered minimum rates for compensation of full-time faculty teaching credit courses in excess of the normal load.

Rank                                             Rate per Credit Hour of Instruction 

Full Professor/Master Instructor                          $700

Associate Professor/Senior Instructor                  $650

Assistant Professor/Instructor                               $600


  1. Compensation for extra service must be commensurate with the instructor’s highest degree, rank, and experience, within their academic unit at their institution.
  2. The president or designee may approve exceptions to these minimum rates when circumstances warrant.
  3. The president or designee may approve rates that are greater than those stated below as long as the rates are applied consistently for similar faculty (degree, rank and experience) within the same academic unit.

B. The rate per credit hour of instruction refers to the number of credits granted toward the faculty load, which may differ from the number of student credit hours.

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Revision Dates

APSU Policy 5:014 (previously 5:026) – Rev.: November 14, 2016
APSU Policy 5:014 – Rev.: November 18, 2015
APSU Policy 5:014 – Rev.: April 25, 2006
APSU Policy 5:014 – Rev.: June 10, 2002
APSU Policy 5:014 – Rev.: June 23, 1997
APSU Policy 5:014 – Rev.: August 1, 1986
APSU Policy 5:014 – Issued: November 1, 1981

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