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4:030 Connecting Network Extension Devices and Server Services to the Campus and Residence Network


Austin Peay State
Connecting Network Extension Devices and Server Services to the campus and residence network

Issued:  March 25, 2017

Responsible Official:  Vice President for Finance and Administration

Responsible Office:  Office of Information Technology


Policy Statement

It is the responsibility of the Austin Peay State University Office of Information Technology (OIT) to provide security, ensure appropriate use, and allocate access to network resources and bandwidth in an equitable manner to the campus community.  


The purposes of this policy is: 

              1. to articulate the rights and responsibilities of persons using information technology resources owned, leased, or administered by Austin Peay State University (APSU);
              2. to protect the users and APSU;
              3. to facilitate the efficient use of APSU information technology resources;
              4. to promote and maintain a reliable computer network for the entire use of the university community.


General The following guidelines have been established regarding connecting network devices and installing network server services to the campus network and the residence hall network. APSU reserves the right to remove any network equipment or server services at any time.  APSU reserves the right to disable any network port that is causing disruption to any or all parts of the campus and residence hall networks until the cause of the disruption is removed.

Restrictions on
Campus Network
  1. The campus network includes all academic and administrative buildings on the APSU main campus, Fort Campbell, and other satellite campuses as well as administrative and academic use areas (offices, labs, etc.) in the residence halls.
  2. Only network devices (including but not limited to hubs, switches, routers, and wireless access points) approved by OIT will be allowed for use on the campus network. 
  3. Only network server services (including but not limited to DHCP, DNS, SMTP. WINS, and routing services) approved by OIT will be allowed for use on the campus network. 
  4. University faculty, staff, and students are not permitted to attach personal network devices or install network server services in any campus locations including but not limited to classrooms, labs, offices and public areas. 
  5. Departments wishing to extend their network connectivity, implement wireless networking or install network services should contact OIT. 

Restrictions on
Resident Hall
  1. The residence hall network includes all residence halls on the APSU main campus excluding administrative and academic use areas (offices, labs, etc.) located in the residence halls.
  2. One network port per student is provided in residence hall rooms.  One network port per apartment is provided in married student housing. Each port will permit one computer to be connected to the network at a time. 
  3. Improper installation and management of these devices may cause disruption of network services to the student’s port.  If use of these devices does cause disruption to the student’s port, the student will be required to remove the equipment causing the disruption before network services can be re-enabled.
  4. Students may not install other network extension devices (including but not limited to wireless access points) in their residence hall rooms. 
  5. Students may not install network servers that provide network services (including but not limited to DHCP, DNS, SMTP. WINS, and routing services) in their residence hall rooms.

  1. All users shall comply with 4:029 Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources.
  2. The installation of unauthorized network extension devices and server services are known to interfere with the operation of the APSU network.  Operation of these devices and services is a violation of university policy, and will result in loss of network access and/or disciplinary action. Intentional interruption of APSU network services will result in further disciplinary action and/or prosecution.  Visit this policy for further computer usage information:

Revision Dates

APSU Policy 4:030 (previously 4:033) – Rev: March 25, 2017
APSU Policy 4:030 – Rev: December 3, 2014
APSU Policy 4:030 – Issued: April 8, 2008

Subject Areas:

Academic Finance General Human



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