3:003 Student Organizations
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3:003 Student Organizations


Austin Peay State
Student Organizations

Issued:  March 25, 2017

Responsible Official:  Vice President for Student Affairs

Responsible Office:  Student Life and Engagement


Policy Statement

A student organization is defined as a group of currently enrolled Austin Peay State University students who unite to promote a common interest. All registered student organizations are affiliate groups of Austin Peay State University. Student organizations may be either organizations sponsored by the University, such as student government associations, associated student body organizations, and professional and honor societies, or organizations officially registered by the University. Organizations which may be registered to operate on campus include the following: (a) honors and leadership organizations and recognition societies; (b) departmental organizations and professional fraternities and sororities; (c) social fraternities and sororities; and (d) special interest groups (political, service, religious, athletic, etc.). Registration of a student organization by the University shall neither constitute nor be construed as approval or endorsement by Austin Peay State University for the purposes or objectives of the organization.

The guidelines for Student Organizations are published annually on the Office of Student Life and Engagement website and can be accessed at the following website:



The purpose of this policy is to provide Austin Peay State University students with a document that details the guidelines for student organizations.

Revision Dates

APSU Policy 3:003 (previously 3:012) – Rev.: March 25, 2017
APSU Policy 3:003 – Rev.: September 14, 2015
APSU Policy 3:003 – Rev.: March 9, 2011
APSU Policy 3:003 – Rev.: October 23, 2003
APSU Policy 3:003 – Rev.: June 1, 1991
APSU Policy 3:003 – Issued: August 1, 1986

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