2:048 Extra Compensation and Compensation for Services Rendered During Summer Session, Intersession, and Outside Active Contracts
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2:048 Extra Compensation and Compensation for Services rendered during Summer Session, Intersession, and Outside Active Contracts


Austin Peay State
Extra Compensation and Compensation for Services rendered during Summer Session, Intersession, and Outside Active Contracts

Issued:   April 18, 2017

Responsible Official:  Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Responsible Office:  Academic Affairs


Policy Statement

It is the policy of Austin Peay State University to fairly compensate employees.


To accommodate student-success, APSU recognizes that faculty and staff (only when providing teaching, research, or service) serve important roles outside of the typical fall and spring academic year and other common contract-based models. This policy provides general provisions to fairly compensate APSU employees serving in temporary capacities during summer, intersession, and other arbitrary times outside of the typical fall and spring academic months. Also, APSU recognizes circumstances may arise beyond reasonable control that requires additional teaching and services to be rendered by APSU employees resulting in definable circumstances of overload requiring extra compensation. 


-Extra Compensation
-Summer Session and Intersession (Winter Session)

-APSU Policy 2:046
-APSU Policy 2:049


Extra Compensation
  1. General Provisions  
    1. Compensation for services provided during intersession, summer session and other times outside the typical fall and spring academic period will be paid according to the APSU employee’s rank, and credentials whenever these metrics are applicable.
    2. Extra compensation is to be used primarily for non-credit work, public service activities of the institution, research or other professional services performed under sponsored agreements, or - in extraordinary circumstances - for credit courses. Herein, each instance of extra compensation must receive prior approval before any such activities are to occur. Only the President or Provost, or their designee, may approve activities that require extra compensation. It is APSU’s position that extra compensation to be an extraordinary occurrence.
    3. Extra compensation is not intended for those regularly scheduled, recurring credit or non-credit courses which should be planned and budgeted as a regular part of the faculty teaching load.
    4. Full-time faculty or staff may be assigned to teach credit courses for extra compensation only in extraordinary situations and on an exception basis to cover unexpected and unplanned staffing vacancies or credit course offerings.  Every effort should be made to plan credit course offerings within the teaching load assignments of the regular full-time or adjunct faculty. Instances requiring APSU employees to facilitate teaching beyond full-time status, APSU will compensate services rendered equivalently to services rendered by work-for-hire contracts (e.g., adjuncts contracts). This is described below in C4.
    5. Exceptions to this policy may be granted by the appropriate division head for appropriate and documented cause on a case by case basis. Exceptions must not exceed one semester in duration. Exceptions to this policy which, by plan, will exceed one semester in duration must be approved in advance by the APSU President or Provost.
    6. Advanced approval to pay extra compensation to eligible personnel must be obtained by written request. All employees must obtain approval from their current supervisor before accepting employment requiring extra compensation. After supervisory approval has been obtained, the written request will be initiated by the employing office and sent for approval through the appropriate Division Head to the Human Resources Office and final approval by the Provost. Written requests should be submitted using the Temporary Help Pay Authorization Form or the Request for Extra Compensation Form as appropriate. Funding must be budgeted in the appropriate account to support the request.  Any department that wishes to employ a permanent clerical or support employee for extra compensation must first coordinate with the Human Resources Office to determine if overtime is applicable and the appropriate rate of pay. 
  2. The below considerations govern the use of extra compensation.
    1. The services are performed in addition to the employee’s full-time workload and entirely outside of his/her scheduled work hours or while on annual leave.
    2. Qualified adjunct faculty or other assigned personnel are not readily available to perform the required work.
    3. The additional duties will not interfere with the performance of regularly assigned responsibilities and duties.
    4. Extra compensation for services rendered by an APSU employee to another state agency or to another public institution of higher education, while within the scope of the APSU employee’s assigned duties, will be paid by the contracting agency to APSU for distribution to the APSU employee.
  3. Rates of Extra Compensation are subject to the following limits:
    1. Full-time faculty or staff may not receive extra compensation for more than two credit courses per semester (6 Workload credits or less) (T.C.A. 49-5-410).
    2. Full-time faculty or staff on fiscal year contracts may not receive extra compensation which exceeds 20% of his or her full fiscal year salary. Longevity pay is excluded from the extra compensation limit.
    3. Full-time faculty or staff on academic year contracts may not receive extra compensation which exceeds 20% of an equated fiscal year salary (125% of academic year salary).  Longevity pay is excluded from the extra compensation limit.
    4. In the rare circumstances necessitating full-time faculty to teach beyond their full-time WLC, the following maximum rates per credit hour of instruction shall apply.

      Rank Rate per Workload Credit Hour

      Professor/Master Instructor                  (Level III) $700
      Associate Professor/Senior Instructor  (Level II) $650
      Assistant Professor/ Instructor             (Level I) $600  
Summer Session and Intersession (Winter
APSU recognizes and considers summer session (this includes May session) and intersession (a.k.a., Winter session) assignments of faculty as separate assignments from academic year appointments and with no guarantee of occurring. Colleges and/or departments shall provide means for assuring equity among faculty in summer course assignments, such equity being subordinate to the curricular needs of APSU. Compensation for faculty assignments during summer sessions and intersessions should be a factor of the regular academic year salary which takes into account the nature and extent of the duties and responsibilities involved in these separate appointments. To provide for such appropriate levels of compensation for faculty service during summer sessions and intersessions, APSU provides the below general categories. For summer session, should a faculty member be in more than one category listed below, the sum of compensation from all categories cannot exceed 33.3 percent of the academic year salary. For intersession, a faculty member cannot exceed 4 workload credits without approval from the Provost. 
  1. Category A:

    Regular academic year faculty personnel who serve the institution as teaching faculty during intersessions and summer sessions; tenure-track faculty who will not be returning in the fall (this does not include tenure-track faculty who have not been renewed or denied tenure); retiring faculty members who are either not requesting post-retirement or might request post-retirement beginning in the spring semester of their first year of retirement; and full-time (complete academic year) temporary faculty who have a high probability of teaching for APSU another year.

    Faculty in this category shall be compensated at the rate of 1/32 of their academic year salary per semester hour of teaching load credit. The maximum summer and intersession pay may not exceed 33.3 percent of the preceding academic year salary and may not exceed 10.66 semester hours for the summer term. Any exceptions to the above must be approved by the Provost.
  2. Category B:

    Regular academic year faculty who serve under sponsored contracts for research and other professional services between academic years.

    Compensation for personnel in this category shall not exceed one-third of his/her academic year salary. If the faculty member works on a part-time basis on a sponsored contract project, the pay should be adjusted accordingly.
  3. Category C:

    Division/Department Chairs, Directors, and Coordinators on an academic year appointment.

    The level of compensation for these administrators should be commensurate with the duties assigned following Policy 2:049 that covers Chairs, Directors, and Coordinators. For these assignments, the rate of pay shall not exceed 25 percent of the preceding academic year salary.
  4. Category D:

    Part-time faculty. The level of compensation for faculty in this category follow the identifiable rank or merits of the faculty. It is the decision of the Division/Department Chair and Dean to determine the merits of each faculty in this category.

    Recommended compensation is as follows:
    Rank Rate per Workload Credit Hour
    Level III            $700
    Level II             $650
    Level I              $600
Any exception to the compensation provisions indicated above will require approval by the Provost.


APSU Policy 2:046 https://www.apsu.edu/policy/faculty-workload-2046
APSU Policy 2:049 https://www.apsu.edu/policy/chairs-directors-and-coordinators-2049

Revision Dates

APSU Policy 2:048 (previously 5:028) – Rev.: April 18, 2017
APSU Policy 2:048 – Rev.: June 7, 2006
APSU Policy 2:048 – Issued: November 24, 2003

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