2:036 Eligibility/Commitment of Financial Aid: Enrollment and Payment of Student Fees
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2:036 Eligibility/Commitment of Financial Aid: Enrollment and Payment of Student Fees

Austin Peay State
Eligibility/Commitment of Financial Aid: Enrollment and Payment of Student Fees

Issued:  March 8, 2017

Responsible Official:  Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Responsible Office:  Enrollment Management


Policy Statement

It is the policy of Austin Peay State University to offer financial aid and student scholarships to students who are eligible. 


This policy covers the establishment of and participation in student scholarships and financial aid programs by the university.


            1. An applicant for admission to Austin Peay State University will be considered and counted as a student when all assessed fees have been paid in cash, or when an acceptable commitment from an agency or organization approved by the institution has been received by the institution.
            2. When an applicant tenders payment of fees by means of a personal check, the applicant may be considered and counted as a student, provided that when a check is subsequently dishonored and returned, unless the student then pays the fees in cash, the student shall not be considered as enrolled for that term. 
            3. An acceptable commitment from an agency or organization shall be limited to a commitment that identifies the applicant and promises to pay all unpaid assessed fees for such applicant. 
            4. Agencies or organizations which may be approved by the institution for purposes of making acceptable commitments for applicants shall be limited to agencies of the federal or state governments authorized to provide financial aid, established financial institutions within the state, established in-state or out-of-state corporations which employ the applicant, foreign embassies and foreign corporations, and other organizations within the state which have previously demonstrated the ability to pay the commitment. No commitments from individuals will be accepted on behalf of applicants. 
            5. This policy shall not affect enrollment of students pursuant to the Perkins Student Loan Program, The Education Opportunity Grants Programs, the Vocational Rehabilitation Program, the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation Programs, or any federal or other state financial aid programs which commit funds for the payment of all unpaid fees of eligible students, provided that the applicant has been approved for aid pursuant to such a program, and provided further that grants pursuant to the Educational Opportunity Grants Programs shall first be applied to pay all assessed fees. All state financial aid granted to a student shall be applied to pay maintenance fees or tuition, student dormitory or residence hall rental, board, and other assessed fees before any excess may be distributed to the student. 
            6. All assessed fees shall include maintenance fees, tuition, debt service fees, service charges, and any other incidental fees assessed at the time of registration, and shall include any and all assessed fees outstanding from prior enrollment at the institution by an applicant. All fees shall be assessed and payable at the time of registration. Otherwise, assessed fees shall include the first periodic payment of rental and board fees in advance.
            7. Assessed fees for student residence hall units may be payable on a monthly basis in advance in accordance with the provisions of an optional monthly payment plan which shall be established by each institution in accordance with the provisions of the policy on student residence regulations and agreements.
            8. No applicant will be considered for admission as a student until all due and payable outstanding fees and charges from prior terms, of whatever nature, have been paid by the applicant.
            9. Austin Peay State University is authorized, subject to approval by the Board of Trustees, to establish charges for late registration and/or checks that are returned dishonored, and such charges shall become assessed fees for purposes of admission.

Revision Dates

APSU Policy 2:036 (previously 3:007) – Rev.: March 8, 2017
APSU Policy 2:036 – Rev.: August 1, 1992
APSU Policy 2:036 – Issued: August 29, 1988

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