2:006 Faculty Professional Development Assignments
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2:006 Faculty Professional Development Assignments


Austin Peay State
Faculty Professional Development Assignments

Issued:  March 8, 2017

Responsible Official:  Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Responsible Office:  Academic Affairs


Policy Statement

It is the policy of Austin Peay State University to provide faculty professional development opportunities.


The purpose of the Faculty Professional Development Assignments are:

a. to enhance scholarship and the academic excellence of the University;

b. to contribute to professional growth of the faculty;

c. to strengthen the University's total curriculum and to improve teaching across the University in ways that cannot be accomplished under the constraints of regular workload assignments.


Faculty professional development assignments may be for one semester (either fall or spring) at full pay, or for an academic year at one half pay. To be eligible for a faculty professional development assignment, an applicant must:

1. be a tenured member of the full-time teaching faculty, including department chairs,

2. have completed six (6) years at Austin Peay State University

3. be an Associate Professor or Professor, and

4. demonstrate scholarly or creative performance in the faculty member's discipline.

5. Under extraordinary circumstances, an exception to the above criteria for eligibility may be made for a faculty member.  For the purpose of this policy, an “extraordinary circumstance” is one in which a professional development opportunity occurs for a faculty member that will not be made available during the faculty member's regular period of eligibility. In such cases, the faculty member shall submit a letter of special request to the Provost to apply for professional development assignment.  That office must approve the request before the faculty member may proceed to the regular application process.  Faculty professional development assignments that are granted under extraordinary circumstances are not to supplant normal faculty professional development assignment opportunities for applicants who have successfully completed the required process.

Applications for the next academic year must be submitted to the department chair according to a schedule set by the Provost. All decisions will be rendered before the end of the Fall semester. The application shall include the following:

1. statement of goals and objectives compatible with the statement of purposes for the program (as above)

2. anticipated schedule of progress during the assignment

3. resume of applicant's professional career

4. if applicable, proof of acceptance by cooperating universities, approval by granting agencies, etc.

Each applicant is free to design and describe the project to best suit the field of study.  An application cover page (for signatures of the chair and the dean) is required.  The application will be submitted in electronic (Word or PDF) and paper format.  The department of the applicant will provide a plan for instructional replacement.

A faculty committee composed of one faculty representative from each college, a dean and a department chair will be appointed by the Provost and designated as the Faculty Professional Development Assignment Committee.  This committee will evaluate all applications and recommend recipients to the dean of the applicant's college and the Provost.

Upon completion of the assignment, each participant will submit a written report of the assignment activity to the President and forward copies to the Provost, the appropriate dean, the chair, and the Faculty Professional Development Assignment Committee.  This report should include:

1. a statement indicating the degree to which the objectives of the proposal were accomplished;

2. evidence of work in progress or completed.

For units with faculty on 12-month contracts or schedules that do not coincide with the standard spring semester (e.g. Austin Peay Center at Fort Campbell, Library), the Provost, upon recommendation from the Assignment Committee, may authorize a leave that coincides with either part or all of a semester(s).

The faculty member commits to provide to the University a minimum of three months of service for one month of full-time faculty professional development assignment .  For faculty in instructional positions, this service requirement would be calculated per semester or term of full-time leave.

Published materials or performances that result from the assignment shall include acknowledgment of Austin Peay State University in the article, book, or public announcement of performance.

A recipient may apply again six (6) years after approval of the first leave.

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APSU Policy 2:006 - Rev.: March 8, 2017
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APSU Policy 2:006 - Rev.: April 4, 2007
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