1:003 Duties of the President
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1:003 Duties of the President

Austin Peay State University Duties of the President


Issued:  March 30, 2017
Responsible Official:  General Counsel
Responsible Office:  Office of Legal Counsel


Policy Statement

The President of Austin Peay State University is the Chief Executive Officer of the University and is subject to control of the Board of Trustees, and manages, directs and is responsible for the conduct of all the affairs of the University.


The purpose of this policy is to set out the duties of the University President.


  1. The president shall be the executive head of the University and of all its departments, and shall exercise such supervision and direction as will promote the efficient operation of the University.
  2. He or she shall be responsible to the Board of Trustees for the operation and management of the University and for the execution of all directives of the Board.
  3. The president shall have direct access to the Board by submitting reports to the Board at its regular meetings and shall meet with the Board on such occasions.
  4. He or she shall be the official medium of communication between the faculty and the Board, and between the Faculty Senate, Staff Senate and the Student Government Association, or any such body, either of the faculty, staff, or of the students.
  5. The president shall recommend annually to the Board of Trustees the creation or continuance of positions of faculty and other employees of the University.
  6. He or she shall have the authority to recommend or make appointments of personnel and, within budgetary limitations, to fix their salaries, and to recommend or approve promotions, transfers, leaves of absence, and removal of personnel, pursuant to the requirements of policies and procedures established by the Board, and subject to such prior approval or confirmation of the Board.
  7. The president shall make an annual report to the Board of the work and condition of the University under his or her control.

Revision Dates

APSU Policy 1:003 – Issued: March 30, 2017

Subject Areas:

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