BS in Physics
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Physics Major

The Physics Major and its large selection of major electives can serve as the basis for a wide variety of possible career paths. See the Physics Career Advising Paths page for more information on physics careers. The major requirements are listed below. A suggested 4-year schedule is also available both as a PDF (Physics Major Template PDF) and as an Excel spreadsheet (Physics Major Template Spreadsheet).

BS in Physics (120 credit hours)

General Education Core requirements not covered by courses major core (31 hours)
Required Major Core (57 credit hours)
Eight credit hours of science or mathematics electives at any level (8)
Ten credit hours of upper-division electives chosen from (10):

Fourteen credit hours of free electives (14)

All upper-level physics courses (3000-level or higher) require prerequisites to be passed with a grade of C or better.

A minor is not required but a mathematics minor is suggested; 3 additional math credits at the 3000 or higher level are required for a mathematics minor.