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Physics Advising Paths

The APSU Physics Major is versatile enough to provide superior preparation for a wide variety of physics-related disciplines. We have put together a number of directed advising paths within the physics major for students wishing to pursue graduate study or a career in any of several physics-related fields. Students pursuing many of these fields in graduate school, can frequently secure a tuition waiver and/or a graduate assistantship, so that graduate study is at no cost to the student.
All directed advising paths are based on the BS in Physics, with each path suggesting a particular set of directed electives within the major.

Of course, the APSU Physics Major is also excellent preparation for students wishing to pursue Graduate School in Physics as well.

If you don't see quite what you are looking for in the list above, just download a copy of our Physics Major Template as either a PDF or an Excel spreadsheet, and create your own path! (Requires approval of the Chair of Physics and Astronomy).