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Physical Plant Zone Maintenance consists of a team of professionals dedicated to maintaining and improving campus-building conditions for the students, faculty and staff. The primary goal of zone maintenance is to provide dedicated response for maintenance and repair with “ownership” of the zone residing with the team. If the team confronts an issue that is beyond their abilities, it will be directed to the Director of Physical Plant for further review and action. 

The campus will be divided into zones manned with maintenance personnel from Physical Plant. Each zone group consists of trades made up of electricians, carpenters, HVAC mechanics, plumbers and painters. Two zones groups are dedicated in maintaining the academic buildings, the third zone group will support student housing and the fourth group (Central Plant Support Team) will support all three-zone groups in the event they required additional support or replacing absent personnel.

 All members of the team are responsible for the respective zone they are assigned in and thus are expected to assist each other in carrying out all the maintenance requirements of the zone. Each zone will be assigned a leader; the leader will identify work and create a list on what is to be accomplished for each building. Zone leaders also service as a liaison between Physical Plant and the building coordinator in getting the miscellaneous work accomplished, and are responsible for resolving roadblocks to success of the team.

This concept will allow Physical Plant to service the buildings twice a year.  

Listed below are maintenance tasks typically performed by the Zone Maintenance groups. 

  • Changing burned out lights or ballast replacement
  • Replace switches or receptacles
  • Replace damage or missing light covers
  • Repair or replace exit signs
  • Repair emergency lights
  • Reset electric circuits
  • Repair campus clocks
  • Repair bathroom fixtures and sinks
  • Repair/Unstop toilets urinals
  • Maintain water coolers
  • Patch and paint damage walls
  • Maintain all door hardware
  • Maintain stairwell railings and steps
  • Repair or replace baseboard
  • Repair windows and trim
  • Replace missing floor tile(s)
  • Maintain HVAC units ( if applicable)
  • Perform all preventive maintenance on mechanical equipment for the building
  • Repair and replace blinds and shades ( extra charge for replacement)

How the schedule Works:

Each building is setup for one (1) week of non-stop maintenance.  If any work orders are generated during the time the zone group is in the building, the zone leader will complete all request if possible.  The Zone Supervisors will address all other work orders that are generated between schedule maintenance. If miscellaneous materials are required for any work that is requested during maintenance periods or between scheduled dates, Physical Plant will purchase the item and reschedule to completed work order.