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September 2005 Graduate School Workshop

Highlights of the September 30, 2005

Graduate School Workshop

An academic service sponsored by:  The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi Chapter 191



3:30-3:35   MUC 307 — Susan Calovini, current Chapter 191 President-Elect made welcoming remarks. She was followed by Charles Pinder, Dean of the College of Graduate Studies, who presented "Overview:  Process of Preparing For and Applying to Graduate School.”  Next, Elizabeth Stonerock and Greg Ross presented "Overview:  Financial Aid."  Finally, Lori Buchanan presented "Informational Resources on Campus."3:45-4:30   Breakout discussions were then held in MUC 303, 305 and 307.  Seven discipline/discussion areas were available:

  • Arts/Humanities — Dick Gildrie (History), Allen Henderson (Music), Jeanne Randall (Languages & Literature)
  • Business — Stephanie Newport
  • Education — Carlette Hardin
  • Science, Math & Engineering — Andy Barrass (Biology), Alex King (Physics), Jiang Li (Computer Science)
  • Health Sciences — Anne Black (Health & Human Performance), Keith Belcher (Biology), Doris Davenport (Nursing)
  • Social Sciences, & Law — David Kanervop (Political Science), Luannette Butler (Psychology)
  • General Information, Information about Phi Kappa Phi & APSU Graduate Programs Information — Susan Calovini, Charles Pinder, Lori Buchanan

Jim Thompson remained in room 307 to talk about helpful internet links for interested students.

A number of materials and were placed at appropriate tables for student use.



Table of Contents


Overview:  Process of Preparing For and Applying to Graduate School

Dr. Charles Pinder


Selected Graduate School Resources
at Felix G. Woodward Library at APSU

Ms. Lori Buchanan


Other Useful Links:



APSU and PKP Member Participants

Andy Barrass, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Director, Center of Excellence for Field Biology

Anne Black, Associate Professor of Health & Human Performance

Keith Belcher, Ph.D., MT(ASCP), Professor of Biology

Lori Buchanan, B.A., M.L.S., Instructional Services Librarian and Associate Professor

Luannette Butler, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology

Susan Calovini, Ph.D., Professor of Languages and Literature

Doris Davenport, M.S.N., Professor of Nursing

Taylor Emery, M.A., Instructor, Languages and Literature

Richard Gildrie, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Professor of History

Carlette Hardin, Ph.D., Professor of Education

Allen Henderson, Ph.D., Professor of Music

David Kanervo, Ph.D., Professor of Political Science

Alex King, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physics & Astonomy

Jiang Li, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Sarah Lundin-Schiller, B.A., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology

Stephanie Newport, , Ph.D., Professor of Business

Charles Pinder, Ph.D., Dean, College of Graduate Studies

Jennie Preston-Sabin, B.S., M.S., Director of Student Support Services 
& Associate Professor of Developmental Studies

Jeanie Randall, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Languages and Literature

Greg Ross, B.B.A., Associate Director, Student Financial Aid & Veterans Affairs

Elizabeth Stonerock, M.S., Counselor, Student Financial Aid & Veterans Affairs

James F. Thompson, B.S., Ph.D., MT(ASCP), Associate Professor of Biology

Linda Thompson, B.S.N., M.S.N., D.S.N., Professor of Nursing