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First Year Experience Conference 2005

MARCH 15, 2005

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A successful conference on “The Liberal Arts and the First-Year Experience” was held Tuesday, March 15, at APSU.  There was a change in the room locations in the University Center.  The presentations took place in UC 303-305.  The lunch was in the Ballroom (sections A/B).


Funded primarily by a Phi Kappa Phi Promotion of Excellence Grant obtained by Dr. Albert Bekus, professor of English, and Dr. Richard Gildrie, professor of history, the conference was co-sponsored by APSU Chapter 191 of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, Office of Academic Support, Office of Academic Affairs and College of Arts and Letters.


Organizers and participants included Dr. Susan Calovini, chair and professor of English, Dr. Linda Thompson, professor of nursing, Dr. Harriett McQueen, director of Academic Support Services, Joanne Shepard, technical clerk for the Office of Academic Support, Dr. Bruce Speck, vice president for academic affairs, Dr. Houston Davis, associate vice president for academic affairs, Dr. Linda Davis, APSU 1000 instructor, Lori Buchanan, professor of library administration, Gina Garber, assistant professor of library administration, Dr. Linda Barnes, director of the Honors Program, Dr. Aleeta Christian, professor of English/reading in developmental studies, Gildrie, Dr. Jaime Taylor, chair and professor of physics, Charles Frazier, professor of accounting, Bonnie Hodge, associate professor of mathematics in developmental studies, and Dr. Ted Jones, associate professor of mass communication.


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Linda Kay Davis  "Plato's 'Allegory of the Cave' as a Freshman Transition Text" PowerPoint Presentation.


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