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Excellence in the Liberal Arts - 2003

Phi Kappa Phi Conference on Excellence in the Liberal Arts - 2003



The Austin Peay State University chapter of Phi Kappa Phi, with support from a Promoting Excellence Grant from the national organization and from the University, held a conference, open to students, faculty, and the public, on excellence in liberal higher education.  The conference sought to encourage thought on defining and pursuing academic excellence, rooted in the liberal arts, among faculty and students in varying disciplines and institutional settings.


All sessions, including the keynote speech, were open to the public, to students, faculty and PKP members.  There was no charge to attend the conference sessions and keynote speech.  There was a modest charge to eat at the banquet and participants in the sessions will pay a modest registration fee.


Studies in Liberal Education

Initiated by a Promoting Excellence Grant from Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society and maintained by the Felix G. Woodward Library, Austin Peay State University, Studies in Liberal Education is a forum for the exploration of the theory, history, practice, and application of liberal education.  It is refereed.  Persons interested in contributing articles, reviews, or commentaries should see submissions by following the link. As a permanent website, Studies in Liberal Education will not be published as separate issues.  Rather each contribution shall be dated by month and year of publication on the site.  Contributions shall be removed to the archives section as new contributions of the same type are published.


Austin Peay State University, Morgan University Center
February 28-March 1, 2003


Friday, Feb. 28

* Session I-A (9:00-10:15) Philosophy of Liberal Higher Education

  (Paper Presentations) UC 310-312

            Moderator: Richard P. Gildrie (APSU)


            Albert Randall (APSU) "Windmills that might be Giants: 
                 A Philosopher’s Vision of the Liberal Arts"

            Jordy Rochleau (APSU) "Liberal Education’s Ethical Paradox: 
                 The Tension between Value Neutrality and the Ideal of Reflective Citizenship"

           Comments by audience

* Session I-B (9:00-10:15) "The Four T’s of Adult Development: Serving the Adult Learner 
   in the Post-Secondary Educational Environment"

            (Panel Discussion) UC 306-308

            Moderator: Mary Alice Burkhart


            Diane Berty (APSU), Jennifer Menningall (APSU), third panelist t.b.a.


* Session II-A (10:30-11:45) Liberal Education and Public Purpose

            (Paper Presentations) UC 310-312

            Moderator: Karen Sorenson (APSU)

            T. Howard Winn (APSU) "Jefferson and his Friends 
                      on the Civic Purpose of Liberal Education"

            Richard P. Gildrie (APSU) "Canon Fodder: The Use and Abuse of "Tradition."

            Comments by audience

* Session II-B (10:30-11:45) "Innovative Teaching and Student Forums for Excellence:
   Interdisciplinary Humanities Culture at University of North Carolina-Asheville"

            (Panel Discussion) UC 306-308

            Moderator: T. Howard Winn (APSU)  

            Faculty and students from UNC-Asheville


* Session III-A (1:00-2:15) "Liberal Education - Purpose and Assessment"

            (Paper Presentations} UC 310-312

            Moderator: Fred Beatty, (Troy State University-Montgomery)

            Sherry Hoppe & Bruce Speck (APSU) "Liberal Education and Career Preparation 
                 at the Undergraduate Level: An Uneasy Marriage?"

            W. Keats Sparrow & Scott W. Snyder, (East Carolina University) "Special Problems of
                  Mandated Outcome Assessment for Liberal Arts Problems"

           Comments by audience

* Session III-B (1:00-2:15) "The Changing Role of Adult Women Students in the University" (Panel Discussion) UC 306-308

           Moderator: Mickey Wadia (APSU)

              Jill Eichhorn (APSU), Nanci Woods (APSU), Rebecca McMahan (APSU) and Jennifer Meningall (APSU)

* Session IV- A (2:30-3:45) Liberal Education: Then and Now

           (Paper Presentations) UC 310-312

           Moderator: Susan Calovini (APSU)

              Frederick Beatty (Troy State University-Montgomery) 
                  "Early American Liberal Education: the Historical Perspective"

           J. Drew Harrington (Troy State University-Montgomery) 
                   "Liberal Education: ‘Jus’ A- Lookin’ Foh a Home"

           Comments by audience

* Session IV - B (2:30-3:45) Curriculum Design and Faculty Development: Interdisciplinary Humanities Culture at University of North Carolina-Asheville"

           (Panel Discussion) UC 306-308

           Moderator: Jim Thompson (APSU)

              Faculty and Students from UNC-Asheville

*** Banquet *** University Center at APSU: 5:30 PM  (see below for banquet registration)

* Keynote address at 7:00, also in the University Center

           Speaker: Susan Finkel (Evergreen State College): 
                 Executive Director, Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges


Saturday, March 1

# Session V-A (9:00-10:15) "How Physics Impacted Culture at the Turn of the 20th Century" (Panel Discussion) UC 310-312

           Moderator: Al Bekus (APSU)

           Jaime Taylor (APSU), Alex King (APSU)

# Session V-B (9:00-10:15) "Adult Learning: Androgogy and Pedagogy in the College Classroom" (Panel Discussion) UC 306-308

           Moderator: Meredith Gildrie (APSU)

           Allene Phy-Olsen (APSU), Stanley Groppel (APSU), Carlette Hardin (APSU)

# Session VI - A (10:30-11:45) "Communication and Learning Styles in Liberal Education"

           (Paper Presentations) UC 310-312

           Moderator: Taylor Emery (APSU)

           Sharon Felton (Belmont University) "Learning Strategies of Adult Students"

           Al Bekus (APSU) "Reading to Writing in Liberal Education"

           Comments by audience



*** Registration and banquet. To defray costs, we are asking for a $10 registration fee for participants on the program and another $10, if you attend the banquet. Paying immediately is not necessary, but letting us know your plans is essential so that we can get an accurate count, particularly for banquet arrangements. If you wish to send a check, make it payable to "Phi Kappa Phi Conference, APSU" and send it to:

           Al Bekus
           Department of Languages and Literature
           Harned Hall
           Austin Peay State University
          Clarksville, TN 37044



Thank and we look forward to seeing at the conference.

For additional information, you may also contact:

         Richard P. Gildrie
         Department of History and Philosophy, APSU


The APSU Phi Kappa Phi Chapter also hopes to publish selected papers from the conference in the inaugural issue of an academic journal on the theory and practice of liberal higher education which should appear during the academic year, 2003-2004.  See Call for Papers information here.