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Faculty Evaluation

Faculty Evaluation Form for Presidential Reseach Scholars

Project Period: May 1, 2016 - April 30, 2017

While the Office of Undergraduate Research encourages discussion of the proposed project between applicant and evaluator, this form is designed to evaluate the applicant as a student researcher rather than the relative success of the proposed project. This evaluation is for review purposes only.  

Evaluator Information:

Instructions:  Please rank the student applicant for the characteristics described below where 1 = Very Poor, 5 = Average, and 10 = Excellent.  If you have no basis to judge a particular factor, please do not give a score.

Student's genuineness--depth of interest for learning and/or this project
Student's ability to manage responsibilities
Student's decisiveness--ability to analyze problems
Student's dependability--sense of responsibility
Student's clarity of expression, written and oral
Student's perseverance--potential to complete the project
Student's knowledge of his/her own strengths and weaknesses