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Off-Campus Opportunities

Summer fellowships and internships are amazing opportunities. Many offer stipends (~$4000 for 8 weeks!) and often cover housing, meals, and travel expenses. Below are some excellent opportunities both in and out of Tennessee that OUR has gathered. Investigate all the possibilities, then contact OUR to talk about which might be right for you – we’d love to help you find a good fit!

Want to know what the professionals say about choosing an intership? This article contains helpful advice on approaching, choosing, and getting the most out of your experience.

We are beginning the process of transitioning our off-campus opportunities to the Office of Undergradaute Research Facebook Page.

Please visit for more information on summer internships and fellowships!


Click here for a link to the Science Undergraduate Library Internship

ORNL is the largest science and energy laboratory in the Department of Energy system and has many fellowships, research experiences for undergraduates, and interniships for students interested in research.  Scientific programs focus of materials, neutron sciences, energy, high-performance computing, systems biology and national security.  Visit to discover some exciting reasons why ORNL offers a great internship experience! 

Tennessee Valley Authority

This internship with TVA places students among the various branches of the Tennessee Valley Association and Austin Peay has a close working relationship with the Cumberland city location. One benefit to working with TVA is a competitive salary, depending upon GPA and class standing. Majors from all disciplines will be considered. Interning with TVA is a great way to get hands on experience with a well-known company.

  • Deadlines will be determined by application term >> Learn More


UW-Madison's Biological SIGNALS Summer Research Program

The program includes 10 weeks of faculty-mentored research, professional development seminars, and networking opportunities with faculty and staff from many bioscience graduate school programs. The 2017 program will run from May 30th-August 5th. The SIGNALS program is cross-disciplinary and students will be working on research related to biological information flow, storage, & exchange. This type of research is essential for understanding phenomenon such as the cellular mechanisms of growth, development, and reproduction; interactions of organisms within populations; the interrelationships of organisms and the environment at the ecosystem level. Students will receive a stipend, meal allowance, housing, travel, health insurance (if needed), and access to university facilities. Please see the attached flyer or our website for more information.

Other Opportunities:

Other Resources:

 Nothing listed seem right for you? Check out these Master-Lists of undergraduate opportunities or contact OUR for more personalized help. 

Master List of Research Opportunities

Maintained by University of California-Irvine

UC-Irvine’s Undergraduate Research Office has an amazing site summarizing off-campus research opportunities available at other universities, national labs, research institutes, and corporations.

Various deadlines and locations>> Learn More

Opportunities for students with majors in: 

  • Arts, Humanities, Biomedical Sciences, Engineering, Computer Science,  Applied Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social and Behavioral sciences, as well as many others. No matter what your major, this is the place to start looking for off campus research opportunities.


Check out these opportunities for graduates interested in pursuing higher degrees.

Fellowship Opportunities

The Graduate College at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign maintains a Fellowship Opportunities database. This database contains over 800 graduate student funding opportunities as well as grant-writing workshops and proposal advising services.>>Learn More

Need more ideas or assistance with your application? Contact OUR ( to arrange a personal consultation - we would be happy to help!  Please include the following in your email: Name, Major, Status (Sophomore, Junior, etc), and Research Interests