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Faculty Mentors

The following list shows faculty for all departments who are interested in working with undergraduates research students this year and their research interests. You may click on a name to send an email.

Allied Health Sciences

  • Perry Scanlan: MRSA, HSV, Medical Laboratory Science, Microbiolgy, Health Care Research


  • Mark DeYoung: Art, Graphic Design
  • Paul Collins: Visual Arts, Curating, Exhibitions, Collaboration in the Creative Arts, Non-Profit Management
  • Virginia Griswold: Visual Arts, Sculpture, Craft, Site-Specific Art, Interdisciplinary Approaches, Mixed Media


  • Carol Baskauf: Plant population genetics and ecology/ecophysiology  with a particular interest in endangered species.
  • Chad Brooks: Pathogenic microbiology and biotechnology
  • Willodean D.S. Burton: Stream restoration and aquatic ecology/toxicology
  • Elvira Eivazova: Regulation of gene expression in animals and plants, Microbial Diversity and Taxonomy.
  • Sergei Markov: Biofuels Research: using algae for biofuel production and carbon mitigation; Hydrogen production by microorganisms in bioreactors. Molecular Biology: conformational regulation of the hydrogenase gene expression.
  • Gilbert Pitts: Reproductive neuroendocrinology and the regulation of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH)
  • Sarah Lundin-Schiller: Using bioassays to screen for Endocrine Disrupting Compounds
  • Rebecca Johansen: Evolution, ecology and biogeography of North American freshwater fishes
  • Joe Schiller: Stream Ecology
  • Cindy Taylor: Amphibian biology

Chemical Engineering Technology

  • Phillip Hall: Optimization of biodiesel production from waste vegetable oil using solid catalyst and replacement of methanol with ethanol in the process.


  • Leslie Hiatt: Determining electrochomic potential of carotenoids and quantitatively accessing the nicotine content of electronic cigarettes
  • Meagan Mann: Finding and making new chemicals that bind to the estrogen receptor
  • Robin ReedStudy of cyclic nucleotide dependent protein kinases and proteins with which they interact


  • Yunying Zhang: Media Effects, Campaign Effects and Internet Impact

Computer Science & Information Technology

  • Leong Lee: Data mining and algorithm with respect to hydraulic geometry and second-order differential equation; Protein secondary structure prediction, neural networks, and association rule visualization; Data mining with respect to bioinformatics, machine learning algorithms, and analysis of large data sets; Web application development for bioinformatics, ontology development, and relational database design
  • John Nicholson:Mobile and ubiquitous computing, assistive technology, robotics, computational journalism
  • Jim Vandergriff: Computational algorithms, Programming languages, Number theory (both analytic and algebraic).


  • Barbara Peterson: Reflective practice and critical thinking
  • Anne Wall: Instructional technology, Instructional design, Educational applications
  • Lauren Wells: Using the arts as a vehicle for learning in the K-6 setting.

Engineering Technology

  • Ihab Habib: Construction and Civil Engineering Technology, Project Management, Leadership in Construction and 3D Implementation, GIS and Surveying, New Methods to Improve Construction and Project Delivery, Green Construction, Materials Testing, and Designing Home for Wounded Soldiers. Current research projects include: A study of female students enrollment in engineering technology STEM programs and engineering applications on iPhones.


Health and Human Performance

Langauages and Literature

  • Osvaldo Di Paolo: Detective fiction, Latin American Testimonial Texts, Humor in Latin American Films and Literature, Romanticism in Latin America, Science Fiction in the Hispanic world
  • Jill Franks: Women's Literature around the Western World, especially the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy and France. Protest and women's liberation movements. Twentieth-Century Irish and British Studies. Psychoanalysis and Literature.
  • Timothy Winters: Greek epigraphy, History, Literature, Archaeology
  • David Major: Technical Writing


  • Lori Buchanan: Research practices related to library use by college students, Assessing student learning outcomes in information literacy, Embedding library instruction into first-year experience and online courses, Best practices in library instruction (information literacy) programs.

Mathematics and Statistics

  • Folashade Agusto: Mathematical Epidemiology and Optimal Control of Biological Systems
  • Indranil Ghosh: Probability distribution and application of various types of distribution in real life data, information theory application in probability and statistics
  • Samuel N. Jator: Computational Mathematics, Financial Mathematics, Mathematical Biology, and Classical Equations of Mathematical Physics
  • Ben Ntatin: Complex analysis/geometry, Study of students' mathematical beliefs (MathEd), and strategies involved in redesigning calculus courses.


  • Eric Branscome: Elementary Music Education; Integration of Music in Elementary Education; Music Career Opportunities
  • Francis Massinon: Medieval and Renaissance Arms and Armor of Europe, together with such closely related subjects as warfare, strategy and "free companies".


  • Amy Hamlin: Nursing Shortage, Nursing Education, Teaching Strategies, Patient Safety, Pediatric Health

Physics and Astronomy

  • B. Alex King III: Computational techniques applied to the fundamentals of quantum mechanics and theoretical high-energy physics.
  • Andriy Kovalskyy: Structure, properties and applications of amorphous solids, such as glasses and thin films.
  • Justin Oelgoetz: Chemical Physics, Atomic and Molecular Physics, Spectroscopy and electronic structure of novel materials at the molecular, nano, and bulk scales and of plasmas and the collisional and radiative processes that connect various states, Novel applications of thermodynamics and kinetics,Application of the numerical methods used in the above areas to non traditional systems such as disaster recovery.

Political Science

  • Mike Gruszczynski:Political psychology and communication, specifically the role of emotion in the processing of political messages.
  • John Phillips:Research data on oil taxation and ownership in countries across the world, Municipal policies on advertising on public property.


  • Brian Hock: Addiction studies
  • Uma Iyer: Organizational leadership, performance management, Employee perceptions, Attitudes and behavior, Diversity and cross-cultural issues in the workplace.
  • Stephen Truhon: Industrial and military psychology 


  • Katherin M. Flower: Social Inequalities and Vulnerable Populations, Child Welfare, Adoption and Foster Care, Race, Class and Gender

Theatre and Dance

  • Marcus Hayes: Dance Choreography, Performance, Dance pedagogy, Corporeal studies, Race and gender studies and popular culture.


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