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Do you have an immediate opening for a research student?

Please submit a brief description and it will be included on the Help Wanted page under the For Students tab within 5 business days.

Briefly describe your current project(s).You may wish to include any or all of the following: student academic level required/desired; majors and minors for which this project would be most appropriate; project duties and/or requirements (hours, skills, etc.); expected outcomes for the project and/or the student; potential compensation (course credit, grant funding for stipend/travel, publication credit, etc.)Be sure to include your contact information. Example -> Wanted: Sophomore or Junior level student in any major interested in research methodologies and strategies. Student will work three to five contact hours per week and may earn course credit dependent upon department. Contact Linsey Ewing at

Thank you!  Your ad will be posted soon and remain up until removal is requested.  Please contact OUR (, 931-221-7625) if you wish to remove your ad.