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Not pictured: Brennan Armshaw, Justin Cook, Zachary Felts, and Anthony Thai

2014-2015 Awards and Recognition

2014-2015 Presidential Research Scholars (PRS)

Brent Adkins (Department of Chemistry)
A Sol-gel Method for Synthesizing Aluminnum-Phosphate and Erbium Doped Aluminnum-Phosphate Based Glasses for Solar Cell Applications

Brennan Armshaw (Department of Psychology)
An Investigation of the Addictive Properties of the Beta-Adrenoceptor Antagonists (Beta-Blocker) know as Carvedilol

Justin Cook (Department of Physics and Astronomy)
Photoinduced Transformations in Amorphous Thin Films

Samuel Cupp (Department of Physics and Astronomy)
Modeling of Amorphous Structures Using Network Cluster Approach and Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm

Rachael Dooley (Department of Biology)
Creating an Immortalized Avian GnRH Releasing Cell Line

Zachary Felts (Department of Art)
Art Through Relation: An Artist Collaborative

Elizabeth Juelfs (Department of Physics and Astronomy)
Investigating Galactic Formation Rate

Amber Kearns (Department of Biology and Languages and Literature)
The Benefits of Bridging the Gap Between the Disciplines of the Humanities and the Sciences in the University Setting

Jordan Taylor (Department of Mathematics)
Investigating Chaotic Properties of Various Differential Equations, Their 3-Dimensional Plots, and Their Aesthetics

Anthony Thai (Department of Physics and Astronomy)
Novel Chalcogenide-Based Amorphous Media for Quantum Computing Applications

Congratulations to the 2014 Forum presentation winners!

Completed Research:
  • Joshua Hinckley (Department of Chemistry)
  • Kristen Knight (Department of Mathematics and Statistics)
In-progress Research:
  • Samuel Cupp (Department of Physics and Astronomy)
  • Yusuf Yunis (Department of Chemistry)
Oral Presentation:
  • Macon St. Hilaire (Department of Art

Congratulations to 2014 Academic Honors and Awards and
Student Organization and Leader Awards winners!

ACS Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry – Brent Adkins (2014-15 PRS)
Durward Harris Premedical Award – Molly Silkowski (2013-14 PRS)
Outstanding Senior Majoring in Mathematics and Statistics and the Drane Award – Kristen Knight (2013-14 PRS)
Robert F. Sears Award in Physics and Astronomy – Samuel Cupp (2013-14 PRS) & Dylan Wood (2013 SURF)
John Burgess Award for Top Graduate in Political Science – Brandon Marshall (2012-13 PRS)

Distinguished Student Research Leader of the Year – Gwendolyn Hay (2013 SURF)
Vice President’s Excellence in Leadership Award – Dani Joslin (2013-14 PRS)
Who's Who recipients – Taylor Gaston (2013-14 PRS), Ashly Roby (2013 SURF), & Diana Trinh (2013 SURF)