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the 2013-2014 Presidential Research Scholars holding their certificates

2013-2014 Awards and Recognition

2013-2014 Presidential Research Scholars (PRS)

Donald Buhl-Brown-Computer Science and Information Technology
Development of a low-cost Robotics Education Platform using Android-based Cellbots

Kelsey Cleland-Department of Biology
Effect of Hyperpolarization -activated Cation Channels on Gonadotropin-releasing Hormon Secretion

Samuel Cupp-Physics and Astronomy
Metropolis Algorithm for Computational Molecular Modeling

Taylor Gaston-Department of Biology
Detection of amphibian lethal diseases using DNA based methods and their implications to our ecosystem

Eva Grebe-Department of Biology
The resting metabolism of Esatern Box Turtles (Terrapene carolina)

Dani Joslin-Department of Biology
The protection provided by Staphylococcus epidermidis on skin epithelium; paying for microbial guardians of our skin

Kristen Knight-Mathematics and Statistics
Generalized Distributions and their Applications to Psychophysics

Matthew Martin-Department of Biology
Monitoring Expression of Lyme Diease Protein Required for Infection

William Rich-Computer Science and Information Technology & Mathematics and Statistics
Multi-texture Analysis of Satellite Images using Bayes Point Machine

Molly Silkowski-Department of Chemistry
Synthesis of Kryptofix 222: A Wet Chemistry Study

2013 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows (SURF) 

  • Gwendolyn Hay, Department of History and Philosophy, Advisor: Jason Verber
  • Zachary Holtel, Department of Biology, Advisor: Rebecca Johansen
  • James Martin, Department of Geosciences. Advisor: Kallina Dunkle
  • Kayla Pendergrass, Department of Geosciences, Advisor: Chris Gentry
  • Ashly Roby, Department of Chemistry, Advisor: Robin Reed
  • Jeremy Trimble,  Department of Chemistry, Advisor: Carrie Brennan
  • Diana Trinh, Department of Biology, Advisor: Chris Gienger
  • Dylan Wood, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Advisor: Justin Oelgoetz
  • Laura Zahn, Department of Biology, Advisor: Sarah Lundin-Schiller

Congratulations to the 2013 Forum presentation winners!

Completed Research:

  • Donald Buhl-Brown (Computer Science and Information Technology)
  • Caitlin Hall (Languages and Literature)
  • Gwendolyn Hay (History and Philosopy) 

 In-progress Research:

  • Liliana Alvarez (Department of Mathematics and Statistics)
  • Jenna Campbell (Department of Biology)
  • Teresa Cunningham (Department of Psychology)