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2012-2013 Awards and Recognition

Two OUR Students bring home awards from the Tennessee Academy of Science 2012 meeting

2012 SURF Recipient Kristen Knight and her mentor Dr. Alzaatreh Ayman, assistant professor of mathematics, received  first place honors for their presentation, “On the gamma-half normal distribution and its applications.”

2012-2013 Presidential Research Scholar Stephanie Jessie tied with a team of Belmont University students for second place with her presentation, “Students’ mathematical beliefs – pictures tell the story better.”

2012-2013 Presidential Research Scholars (PRS)

PRS Scholar Alix Farmer

Alix Farmer     Departments of Chemistry and Biology        

A Comparison Study of the Incidence of Food-Borne Pathogens and Antimicrobial Resistance in Organic and Conventionally Raised chicken and Beef

Advisor: Don Dailey

PRS Scholar Caitlin Hall

Caitlin Hall      Languages and Literature

Cotton Mather’s Biblia Americana, Volume IV

Advisor: Harry Clark Maddux/Timothy Winters

PRS Scholar Angelica Harris

Angelica Harris           Department of Biology

Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Pond Ecosystems: Analyzing Five Years of Pond Data to Evaluate Water Quality and Preferred Habitats

Advisor: Steven Hamilton

PRS Scholar Stephanie Jessie

Stephanie Jessie         Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Using Geometric Pictures to Study Students’ Mathematical Beliefs

Advisor: Ben Ntatin

PRS Scholar Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall      Political Science

The Effect of Political Sophistication on Information Processing Biases

Advisor: David Kanervo

PRS Scholar Beth McInerney

Beth McInerney         Department of Psychology

Attitudes towards Health: A Survey of College Students

Advisor: Jessica Hatz

PRS Scholar Samantha Monk

Samantha Monk        Department of Chemistry

A Computational Investigation of 1-Fluorocyclopropene

Advisor: G. Robert Shelton

PRS Scholar Shawn Settle

Shawn Settle             Department of Biology

A DNA-Barcoding Approach to Identifying Fish Host of Freshwater Mussel Glochidia from Duck River, Tennessee

Advisor: Rebecca Johansen

PRS Scholar Laura Zahn

Laura Zahn     Departments of Biology and Psychology

An Investigation of the Addictive and Neurotoxic Properties of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

Advisor: Brian Hock

PRS Scholar Marina Zaky

Marina Zaky   Department of Biology

The Effects of Methylmercury on NKx2.2a Expressing Cells during Zebrafish Central Nervous System Development

Advisor: Karen Meisch

2012 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows (SURF) 

  • Eva Grebe, Department of Biology, Advisor: Chris Gienger
  • Joe Harms, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Advisor: Justin Oelgoetz
  • Kristen Knight, Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Advisor: Ayman Alzaatreh
  • Kayla Pendergrass, Department of Geosciences, Advisor: Chris Gentry
  • Aaron Ross, Department of Biology, Advisor: Chris Gienger
  • Rob Shepard,  Department of Biology, Advisor: Dwayne Estes
  • Ashley Wallace, Department of Art, Advisor: Ken Shipley

OUR Students Recognized at the 2012 Honors and Awards Day

2012-2013 Presidential Research Scholar: Marina Zaky- winner of the Department of Biology Outstanding Junior Award

2011-2012 Presidential Research Scholar: Jaffer Ibrahim- winner of an Outstanding Senior in Computer Science and Information Technology Award

2011-2012 Presidential Research Scholar: Drew Kerr- winner of the BRAVO Student Award

2012-2013 Presidential Research Scholar: Laura Zahn-BRAVO Student Award Honorable Mention

2012 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow: Kayla Pendergrass-BRAVO Student Award Honorable Mention

2012 Research and Creativity Forum Presentation Awards

Completed Research Category:

  • Kelly Anderson (Department of Biology)
  • Luke Holliday (Department of Biology)
  • Jaffer Ibrahim (Computer Science and Information Technology)

 In-progress Research Category:

  • Andrew Kerr (Department of Physics & Astronomy)
  • Caitlin Nelms (Departments of Psychology and Educational Specialties)
  • Dylan Wood (Department of Physics & Astronomy)